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I love ghost movies. When it comes to the horror genre, ghosts are the only thing that actually scares me. I know it’s silly but the thought of a spectral entity breaking through into our reality is terrifying. That said, I also love shows about paranormal investigations like Paranormal State and A Haunting. That said, when going into THE HOUSE IN BETWEEN, with the little I knew about the film, I was ready for a fright.

To best describe the plot, I’ll turn to the official synopsis: “After a life-changing paranormal experience, Alice Jackson has refused to spend another night in her own home. Looking for answers she opened her house up to investigators who have conducted the first-ever, decade long paranormal investigation. Who or what is haunting her home? A beautiful documentary telling the real story of a homeowner, and the team looking for answers that will get Alice back into her house. This film is not only scary, but it’s also a thought-provoking look at what it’s like to live with a haunting. Bridging the paranormal, real science and the human experience this documentary shows a detailed look at what could be the most haunted house in America.”

This documentary is centered around a house located in Florence, Mississippi owned by a woman named Alice Jackson. Although I’ve lived in California basically my whole life, I’ve travelled to the South a few times and seen some of the oldest, creepiest buildings out there. There’s a lot of history in the South and because of this, there seems to be a ton of paranormal activity. I had read very little about this documentary prior to checking it out and I fully anticipated it to be a staged situation which would lead to my immense disappointment; however, I was wrong.

As human beings, we want to rationalize things that we can’t explain. It’s natural for us to do this because we can’t wrap our minds around something we don’t understand. This is exactly what Alice Jackson did for her home by having professionals like electricians and contractors come in to try and give a rational explanation behind the energy and unexplained movements in her home. The paranormal investigators in this film explain the powerful energy that the house exudes stating that they can only be in or even near the home for short periods of time. One investigator mentions that he’s been documenting the activity in this home for over 9 years – NINE YEARS! Rightfully so, because some of the footage shown in this documentary is some of the most genuine paranormal footage I’ve seen.

I’m highly interested in investigating hauntings and haunted areas, in fact, during October I find myself taking drives through haunted roads and hot spots areas to feed my interest. Plus, it’s spooky season. However, I remain the safety of my car because I’ll admit that I’m a chicken. This is why I like to live these types of experiences through the eyes and documented experiences of others in the form of documentaries or series, such as THE HOUSE IN BETWEEN. I will admit that some of the footage captured did feel a bit silly or I guess underwhelming. One of these shots included a ball rolling down the stairs on its own. That’s something that you’ll surely find in paranormal films like The Changeling. Aside from the things I found silly, there were quite a few shots that were downright terrifying to think about. There’s an investigator that mentions he wants to hear all of the EMF readers go off because just one isn’t interesting. Shortly after saying that, every single EMF reader in the house goes off at the same time. I felt my body fill with chills as I sat in the comfort of my own home that I’ve also had paranormal experiences in. There’s another scene with a medium that explains some of the histories of the house accompanied by visions which felt a little bit hoaky but still gave me the creeps. This ended up leading to something that happens the following day that is incredibly creepy but I don’t want to spoil it.

Aside from all of the paranormal phenomena taking place, I also truly loved the cinematography. This documentary is wonderfully shot and captures the beauty of both the town and the property. Each drone shot is breathtaking and gives a concrete idea of how small and historic the area is. Even the cameras placed around Alice’s home are clear which help to capture very visible evidence of ghostly activity, which, to the viewer watching, helps to instil the belief in the paranormal.

THE HOUSE IN BETWEEN presents believable proof of the paranormal and does it in a way that is completely genuine. Many professionals are brought in to help investigate this home and bring the viewer down a rabbit hole of total eeriness. The film generates a feeling of grief for Alice because the activity in her home hinders her life even though she continues to open her home for investigations in hopes of gaining answers.

Even after watching this, I plan on doing my own research into Alice’s home to see if I can discover any new activity being reported that wasn’t featured in the documentary. That said, this is one film I’ll be thinking about for a long time. THE HOUSE IN BETWEEN is a highly interesting and truly genuine documentary that can easily capture the attention of any audience but especially those who are definite fans of the paranormal. Please don’t sleep on this creepy documentary! THE HOUSE IN BETWEEN will be available on VOD and Digital HD May 5, 2020.

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3 thoughts on “[Documentary Review] THE HOUSE IN BETWEEN

  1. A House In Between was very underwhelming. I have seen countless paranormal series’ episodes with just as much evidence. No, more evidence. This film is not scientifically groundbreaking, as the trailer sort of implies. In fact, that portion of the documentary was very weak indeed. Physicists and science agreeing that certain sediments and minerals have the ability to hold energy. Woah, riveting!! ?. Everybody knows this, Steve. This is not groundbreaking science. This film just seemed so thrown together and anti-climactic. A ball rolling down the stairs was part of the big finale… even though it had already happened several times throughout the film. According to the long time paranormal investigator there, 9 or 10 times. I was like, what’s next, are they going to have a flashlight turn on?? Where were the EVPs? Weak sauce!! Yes, Alice Jackson indeed owns a haunted house which sits atop haunted land, no doubt but this film was overhyped about 1,000%. At the end I was like, did I fall asleep and miss a lot of this or something? Sadly, I had not. I wish that I hadn’t opted for the HD version of this, as there was asolutely nothing in this film HD worthy. Please chose the SD version if you must watch it, and for God’s sake if you just can’t tamp down your curiosity, rent it – don’t buy it like I did. I had hoped that it lived up to its hype and I could show it to some friends. Hey, I’m an optimist. Yeah, that won’t be happening. So in the end, this seemed like just a money grab and I got duped for $8.50. Oh well, lesson learned. I just hope that Alice Jackson gets some of this money, and Steve doesn’t blow it all on new tats?. You got me, Steve. You really got me.

    – T

  2. The ball appears to move due to thunder shaking the house. Seems obvious to me. Not saying that there’s nothing going on there. I would look at the history of some of the antiques in the house.

  3. I was very disappointed in this documentary. I think for 9 years worth of investigating there’s very little to show and certainly nothing that would blow your socks off!

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