[News] Panama’s First Horror Film DIABLO ROJO PTY Gets May Release Date!

[News] Panama's First Horror Film DIABLO ROJO PTY Gets May Release Date!
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Panama’s first-ever horror film, DIABLO ROJO PTY, will be taking audiences on one hell of a road trip on May 14th, as revealed on Atom Tickets! The film, which tackles the Costa Rican and Panamanian folklore tale of La Tulivieja, will be released exclusively on Amazon.

A “Diablo Rojo” bus driver, his helper, a priest, and two policemen fall victim to a mysterious spell and end up lost somewhere in the Chiriqui jungle, where they will have to survive the creatures that inhabit the roads, with the old bus as their only refuge.

Written and produced by J. Oskura Nájera (Megamuerte, Metal Creepers) and directed by Sol Moreno, DIABLO ROJO PTY features a stellar cast that includes Carlos Carrasco (Speed, Blood In, Blood Out) and Leo Wiznitzer (Causa Justa, Hands of Stone).

For those who are interested in learning more about the tale of La Tulivieja, USC’s Folklore Archives provide some background on the Panamian folklore:

“The story is, there was this girl who was very beautiful. And she had a secret relationship with a guy in her town from which a she got pregnant and a little boy was born. Then she drowned the boy in the river to make up for her premarital relationship sin. After that, God punished her by making her the ugliest monster possible. Like, making her face like a colador (pasta strainer) where hair came out of the holes. And like her hands turned into claws, and her feet turned backwards. And she’s supposed to spend the rest of her life looking for her son in her river. The legend is that she still hounds the river looking for her son and she will take her beautiful form while sitting by it. Any noise will bring out the ugly monster, though.”

After watching the trailer and finding some more insight into the Panamian folklore tale that the film is inspired by, I think I’m all in on this film. Cause, you guys know me at this point. I love me some folklore. How about you guys? What are your thoughts?

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