[News] WITCHES IN THE WOODS is Now Available On-Demand
Courtesy of Shout! Studios
The suspenseful chiller WITCHES IN THE WOODS is now available On-Demand everywhere! This bone-chilling story about seven college friends whose off-the-grid snowboarding trip takes a turn for the worst is a tense tale of survival.

To celebrate, Shout! Studios has released a brand new clip from the film, which you can check out in the player below.

A tense tale of survival set in a fabled New England forest, WITCHES IN THE WOODS is a suspenseful chiller about seven college friends whose off-the-grid snowboarding trip takes a turn for the worst when they get lost in the woods after experiencing car trouble. With temperatures falling fast and their nerves on edge, survival instincts take over as the friends turn against each other…and a witch-hunt begins.

This claustrophobic psychological thriller is directed by Jordan Barker (The Marsh, Torment) and stars Hannah Kasulka (FOX’s “The Exorcist”), Craig Arnold (CBS’s “Ransom”), Sasha Clements (Majority Rules!), Corbin Bleu (High School Musical), Alexander De Jordy (Rookie Blue), Humberly Gonzalez (CW’s “In the Dark”), Kyle Mac (Titans), and Ian Matthews (NBC’s “Taken”).

In WITCHES IN THE WOOD, Jill, a tenacious college freshman, abandons her studies one weekend for an off-the-grid snowboarding trip with six friends. Driving through the freshly-logged mountains of western Massachusetts, a road closure forces them onto an unmarked route into the dark forest. These are the very woods where centuries ago, a dozen women were convicted and hanged for witchcraft. Disoriented in the dense wilderness, the friends slam the SUV into a ditch, totaling the car. As nighttime falls and temperatures drop, the group dynamic begins to unravel. Hypothermia sets in, and violent hallucinations threaten the group’s sanity. With nowhere to go for help, the group risk freezing to death or facing the horrors that lie in the haunted wasteland beyond.

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