When you see a title like OUIJAGEIST you assume you’re in for a good/bad movie night. Unfortunately, that’s not the case here. Before I get into why it’s not a good/bad movie, let’s get to the plot, shall we? This tale is about a young single mom named India (Lois Wilkinson) who moves into a new flat in England, while also looking for a job and trying to make rent. Her and her best friend Becca (Gabrielle Calderone) find an Ouija board in India’s backyard and, of course, decide to play with it one night and yes, hilarity… I mean evil things, ensue.

Clearly, the title OUIJAGEIST is a combination of the movies Ouija and Poltergeist as well as a little bit of The Conjuring. The latter two films are known for creepy imagery, tense moments, and a ton of fun scares as well. None of that is in this movie. Even the jump scares were not at all effective. There are moments in the film that don’t make sense at all like: Why is there a police officer possessed by the board when we were never introduced to him in the entire movie? Also, there’s a ton of moments when the music overpowers the scene when instead we should be having quiet moments with the characters. When you think it’s finally going to get good, the movie ends up falling flat. The craziness doesn’t really happen until the last 15-20 mins of the movie. Even when it gets to a twist, you don’t even care anymore.

By the way, this movie is an hour and 20 minutes long. Nothing that interesting or tense or scary happens during the runtime. If I can give you at least one good thing about this movie, it’s the acting. The three main characters in this film do a fine job but it feels like they are all acting in a different movie. They don’t act like they’re in a horror movie at all. I really wanted to give OUIJAGEIST a chance but after the first 10-15 minutes, it just became very, very dull.

If you ever go to Walmart and you happen to check out the $5 dollar bin and see OUIJAGEIST in there, please stay away from it. Even though the DVD cover has a really creepy floating demon woman with 6 arms and the tagline “She Will Eat You Alive!” I assure you, that’s not in the movie at all. With unneeded music in certain scenes, dull scares, forgettable possessed people, and a priest who’s secretly a movie geek that adds nothing to the plot, OUIJAGEIST is not even rentable. Not even good enough for a bad movie night. Just skip this movie entirely. OUIJAGEIST is now available on Digital and DVD.

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