[News] Grab a Bud and Meet Mondo Games in the STONER PARKING LOT

[News] Grab a Bud and Meet Mondo Games in the STONER PARKING LOT
Courtesy of Mondo Games
All across the world, weed smokers are using their downtime to (virtually) congregate and properly celebrate that most sacred of secular holidays – 4/20. To celebrate and expand the puff-puff-pastime, Mondo Games is super-stoked to debut STONER PARKING LOT, an easy-to-learn card game for 3-7 players that pits stoner vs. stoner in an epic quest to dodge narcs and make it to the van for a proper rip.

The game is available for pre-order right now at MondoShop.com, and expected to ship (discreetly, of course) in June. The game normally sells for $15, but holiday shoppers can save $4.20 if they purchase on April 20th with discount code STONER420.

“We wanted to make something that speaks to our own experiences of putting on a killer record, smoking some joints, and being goofy weirdos making each other laugh.” Says Matt Fantastic, Founder of Forever Stoked Creative.

Jayme Boucher, Director of Games and Mondo adds, “The rules are so simple that anyone can get straight to the fun parts. Playing online while we’ve all been going a little stir crazy has been a riot.”

Featuring illustrations by Arik Roper, cover artist of the iconic stoner metal album “Dopesmoker” by Sleep, STONER PARKING LOT is a card game designed by Forever Stoked Creative and the Mondo Games team.

Pairs of players collect essential items – weed, a bong, a six-pack, a lighter, a mixtape, and of course, pizza – and use non-verbal signals to sneak off to the van to smoke without being noticed by the opposing team or the dreaded narc.  When you’ve collected all six items, you’ve got to communicate with your bud using only the slyest of visual signals. If the other team catches you, they’ll want to join – but you only have enough weed for you and your bud.

The game was designed for in-person or video-chat play – perfect for cloistered days. Enjoy a video of sample gameplay featuring Doug Benson and RZA as the narc below.

To assist players in getting into the proper mindset, the Mondo Games team has curated a STONER PARKING LOT Spotify playlist, which you can check out HERE.

STONER PARKING LOT is just the latest in Mondo’s growing line of games and puzzles, including Video Vortex and the Unmatched series featuring JURASSIC PARK, Bruce Lee, and Robin Hood vs. Bigfoot. Upcoming games include top-secret projects centered around a film industry legend, a retro “dating” game, and much more.

Mondo is an expanding enterprise with a passionate love of film, art, music and pop culture, best known for creating limited-edition posters, vinyl soundtracks, premium collectibles and games. Based in Austin, Texas, the team collaborates with an international network of talented artists and creators to produce the highest quality products inspired by licensed properties and original IPs. Over the last decade, Mondo has partnered with leading entertainment brands including DC Comics, HBO, Marvel, Paramount Pictures, Sony, Universal Studios, Walt Disney Studios, and Warner Brothers, along with dozens of independent studios and filmmakers from around the world.


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