[News] MIXTAPE MASSACRE: INVASION Launches on Kickstarter
Courtesy of Bright Light Media
Bright Light Media has launched a Kickstarter for invasion, an expansion to Mixtape Massacre: Escape From Tall Oaks.

They’re here… They’ve been watching — lurking in the shadows of Tall Oaks.

It’s time for the Invasion to begin…

Mixtape Massacre: Invasion is the brand new expansion for Escape From Tall Oaks (EFTO), adding more to the world of Mixtape Massacre. This expansion adds new layers of gameplay to EFTO, including new rescues and new slasher battles while the survivors must work together to stop the oncoming alien invasion.

As the Invasion begins, cards are drawn that begin conquering important locations on the map. If all Invasion cards take hold of the town and our survivors fail to dismantle their plans, the mothership lands, spelling the end for Tall Oaks.

Dodge cards are also introduced adding an additional step to rescuing your pals as well as new Sidetracks causing side missions and events bigger than the game itself.

These new components and more bring an assortment of tricks and treats to Escape From Tall Oaks, making even the most skeptical survivor…a believer.

It’s just another day in the neighborhood for the townies of Tall Oaks.

Mixtape Massacre: Invasion‘s official Kickstarter launched on April 15th, 2020 at 10 AM EST and has a set goal of $10,000. By supporting the campaign, backers can contribute to various pledge levels to pre-order copies of Mixtape Massacre: Invasion, as well as additional rewards and add-ons exclusive to the Kickstarter Campaign.

What’s in the box?

20 Killer Scenes, Dude Cards

10 Sidetracks Card

10 Supply Cards

4 U.F.O Tokens

3 Slasher Character Pieces

3 Slasher Profile Cards

1 Rulebook

The expansion will come packed with these goodies and as the campaign progresses stretch goals will unlock even more cards, characters, and other additions to the world of Mixtape Massacre. To check out their Kickstarter, click this link HERE.

Bright Light Media is an award-winning digital design agency. They are compiled of a tight-knit team of designers, developers, creators, and insomniacs who love what they do and are passionate about each project they take on. In a combined 30 plus years of experience, they have had the pleasure of working with clients ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500’s and everything in between.

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