[Article] DIG IN Explores Levels of Cake Hell and Boy, Do We Need All of It!
Still from DIG IN
How far would you go for your best friend? Would you do anything to save them and get them back? Would you fight monsters and brave terrain to protect them even though they won’t protect themselves? Would you face the devil for them? Would you…jump into a cake for them? As odd as that sounds, the upcoming CG animated short DIG IN asks those very questions and after seeing a brief snippet of the story, I think you’re going to want to see it too.

I am a sucker for films that combine the dark and spooky with colorful and cute. DIG IN follows a little boy at his birthday party. He gets an incredible nine-layer cake, each a different flavor. When his pet lizard follows a cricket down the hole in the top of the cake, the boy goes in after. What follows is a dark, Alice in Wonderland-ian adventure that will take him through layers of strawberry, pineapple, pistachio and more. At the bottom is Devil’s Food and it may be the darkest layer of them all.

DIG IN  looks INCREDIBLE and I truly mean that. In the preview I saw, the little boy floats on a ripe strawberry in a strawberry cake river to get to his lizard, who happens to be wearing a birthday hat. Immediately that makes it better. The lizard, of course, escapes down into a chocolate cavern. I am so damn excited to see the rest that I can’t even stand it. If you want to see this incredible short film, there is a Kickstarter where you can help.

They are so close to their goal of $42,000 to finish the film. Right now, they have nearly all of their backgrounds completed and will begin the animation once the Kickstarter is over. All of the money collected during the Kickstarter will work to pay the animators, writers, musicians and other artists working on DIG IN In that are being affected by COVID-19. If you would like to see this dark, delicious and adorable testament of true friendship, give a dollar or two to the mixing pot to help these artists finish their creation on their Kickstarter HERE

I cannot wait to see the finished story. We all need a little color and friendship during this difficult time and I think that DIG IN is just the ticket. Plus, there’s a design of a devil wearing a Smite the Cook apron and I definitely needed that.

‘Dig In’ Preview from Something’s Awry Productions on Vimeo.

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