“Basic” is a loosely-applied term for someone who is mainstream in an uncool way, a sheep, a follower of hollow ideals. Perhaps someone who documents their every waking moment on social media. A person who is self-centered, irritating, and begging for attention on social media. You know – that one person who just gets under your skin with their constant posts on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. That said, cattiness abounds in this fun short, BASIC, written, directed and starring Chelsea Devantez.

BASIC stars Chelsea Devantez (Bless this Mess), Nelson Franklin (Veep), and Georgia Mischak (Arrested Development). Director/writer/producer/actress Devantez is a rising star; she currently acts in the TV series Black Monday, is the executive story editor of Bless this Mess, and directed the TV movie Barely Legal.

BASIC is a colorful, fun 3-minute short film. This dark comedy was included in the 2020 South by Southwest (SXSW) Film Festival. The festival takes place in Austin, Texas, where movie-lovers gather each year to watch shorts and feature films. Sadly, the festival was cancelled this year due to the unprecedented rise of the pandemic Coronavirus outbreak.

BASIC explores the “insecure lil’ ho in all of us,” although little exploring is actually done in this very short film. Devantez plays Gloria, who is hate-scrolling through social media. As lots of people do in these days of constant screen-time, she’s sitting in bed, scrolling through Instagram in the dark.

She’s irritated by Kailynn’s basic, cutesy photo posts with Nick. Selfies in front of murals? Selfies while working out? Pictures of your meals? Ugh. Come on. Gloria can’t believe how basic Kailynn is. As she becomes obsessively jealous of the woman, things begin to spiral.

Shot and edited by Kevin Walsh, the quick, energetic editing and candy-colored overlays are the best part of the short. Shots of Kailynn outside are vibrant and absorbing. At three minutes, the bit doesn’t overstay its welcome. Check out this quick, vibrant SXSW nominated short for a burst of color and humor when it continues its festival run soon!

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