I’m always a fan of anything and everything director Izzy Lee does. Her work is best described as blunt, experimental, raw, and honest. That said, I was lucky enough to check out her newest short, DISCO GRAVEYARD.

Izzy wrote, directed, produced, and narrated DISCO GRAVEYARD. It was also produced by Steve Johanson as well as executive produced by Josh Malerman, Paul Furio, Christopher D. Grace, Sarah Evans, Tom Deady, and Gordon B. White. The wonderful Michel J. Epstein edited this and it was composed by Shayne Gryn.

DISCO GRAVEYARD is the spiritual sequel to The Obliteration of Chickens, one of Izzy’s most recent festival hits. She continues with this wild and unique experimental style of filmmaking and calls it one of her most positive films to date and I can’t disagree. It’s very uplifting and fun, something we currently need an abundance of as we continue to deal with COVID-19 and the fear of the unknown.


I’m sure everyone’s interpretation of DISCO GRAVEYARD will be different based on your own personal experience. For me, this short was like watching a story about life and death and everything in-between. It speaks volumes to being yourself and not giving a fuck about what anyone thinks. Because if you’re not being yourself are you even really living? Don’t be dead. The Dead are dumb. Be weird.

The art, imagery, and music all blend together beautifully creating something magical and unique. It reminds me of a dream, a drug-fueled dream with bright colors, catchy music, and imagery of all kinds. Everything is a bit all over the place, but in the end, it all connects and has meaning and purpose.

I found DISCO GRAVEYARD to be refreshing and something that I didn’t know I needed. The world is shit right now but this is a nice reminder that we should always be our truest selves. If COVID-19 has taught us anything it’s that nothing is for certain and job security is a myth. Oh… and people suck. So, what’s the point in not doing what you want, being who you want to be, letting your freak flag fly. Now is time. If you’re going to be anyone, be yourself. Be weird.

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