What’s up all you horror fanatics out there in cyberspace! I hope everyone is making it through safely in this horror movie that the world is currently living in. I’ve personally been working from home and strapping myself in with horror movies and video games. It’s been a while but I’m back with another review and it’s an indie horror short to boot! You guys know how much I love indie horror! Anyways, this time I checked out THE THINGS WITH THE GLOWING GREEN EYES directed by Jeremy Herbert which I was excited to dive into.

The first thing I want to mention about this film is that it feels very inspired by The Twilight Zone. The entire idea felt like something that I could easily see on an episode of Twilight Zone and I felt like I was waiting for Rod Serling to close out the end of the “episode”. There were definitely heavier elements of comedy in this short film though, especially in terms of using a public forum. That reminded me of Leslie Knope’s struggle to run public forums on Parks and Recreation. I know it’s not horror but I do love me some good comedy TV.

Aside from the comedy, the “Things” that the people in the town are seeing are actually pretty unnerving. They look like shadow people with dominant glowing bright green eyes. Like stoplights glowing in the night which is actually how they’re described at one point in the film.

Every character recounts their experiences with the creatures in their own comedic way while the score in the background still lays out an ominous vibe. This was something that I really enjoyed. It felt like the music and the comedy clashed in a way that was very entertaining. However, along with the comedy and horror elements, there was also an element of sadness tied into one of the characters’ stories. Reciting his memory of going on a date with an old friend prior to seeing the creatures, it honestly made me feel bad for both characters that went on the date. One of my favorite characters and encounters was with Gail (played by Catherine Csanyi), an older woman who is terribly silly. Every character trails a bit from their encounter with the “Things” when explaining their story but Gail had to be the funniest. I won’t go into detail but I will say she rambles on about a gnome candle and it’s great.

Overall, I truly enjoyed THE THINGS WITH THE GLOWING GREEN EYES. Anybody could watch this and have fun as it’s not just a film for horror fans, despite the title and plot. If you like shows like The Twilight Zone series or Tales from the Darkside then you’re definitely in for a spooky and hilarious treat. Currently, there is no release date for THE THINGS WITH THE GLOWING GREEN EYES but as soon as we have it we will let you know!

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