Qaranteam is an interactive web series about working from home from ABC Interactive (The ABC Project, Infinitely Dinner Society, Picnic Party, Death and Coffee, The Unknown).

Meant to give us a chance to laugh at ourselves during these trying times, Quaranteam is part sitcom, part job you don’t want to get fired from, and all from your home. It’s the story of RFIDirect, and RFID solutions company that is facing going out of business amidst the COVID19 lockdown. The core leadership team is forced to ask YOU, and the rest of their “new hires” to help save the company through a series of tasks assigned during each week’s company-wide Zoom meeting and happy hour as well as throughout the week via the company’s slack.

This 6 week long journey starts with the launch of the company’s slack in April 3rd where “new hires” can interact with each other as well as a cast of characters:

  • J. Elijah Cho (Halt and Catch Fire, Mr. Yunioshi) as CEO Duncan Donner
  • Dasha Kittredge (Delusion, C(ovell), The Willows) as PR/Social Media Lead Julia “Jules” Jennings
  • Annie Lesser (Death and Coffee, A(partment 8), C(ovell)) as Head of HR Sue Hall
  • John Patrick Daly (Wood Boy Dog Fish, How I Became A Superhero) as Head of Accounts Ted Cruise
  • Nikki Muller (Definition of Man, E(levator, Students, and Friends), 45 Milligrams) as Research Lead Penelope “Nel” James
  • Jason Rosario (Definition of Man, 45 Milligrams) as IT/Security Benjamin “BJ” Perez
  • Edward Salazar (E(levator, Students, and Friends)) as Office Manager Charles Foster

But the real action starts when weekly Zoom meetings begin April 10th, and continue every Friday through May 15th at 5:30PST/8:30EST. Zoom meetings guest star Keight Leighn (Snow Fridge, A(partment 8), Bedrumplai) as Leslie Hall, wife of Sue Hall.

There are 3 tiers of interactivity:

  • Corporate Memo Level (limited to 500 tickets): You get all company-wide emails/voicemails. Access to the company slack, but no private team chats. Access to the live stream Zoom meeting, but no interaction during the meeting. $36 for Corporate Memo level season pass ($6 an episode).
  • Assistant Level (Limited to 5 tickets): All the access of Corporate Memo level plus private messages from characters, ability to participate in Zoom happy hour, and some characters may call you to interact during Zoom conference. $90 for Assistant level season pass ($15 an episode)
  • Team Level (Limited to 20 tickets, 5 per team): All the access of Assitant level plus access to private team slack with your team leader giving you assignments throughout the week that will be incorporated into that week’s or future week’s episodes. Teams include Public Relations, Sales, Research, and Office Morale. $120 Team level season pass ($20 an episode).

You can watch a rebroadcast of the Zoom episodes for free, like a regular non-interactive web series, on YouTube starting Sunday, April 12th on the ABC Interactive YouTube channel here.

Tickets are now on sale and can be purchased at $16 off for first 5 people to purchase Corporate Memo passes, $20 off for the first person to buy assistant level pass, $20 off to first 4 people to purchase Team level pass.

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