[Exclusive Interview] Naughty Pooka for Into The Dark's POOKA LIVES!
OG Pooka being all cute and nice…for now… l Courtesy of Hulu, Blumhouse, and NP
You always remember your first and, when it comes to Hulu and Blumhouse’s Into The Dark anthology series, POOKA was my first introduction to the horror series. About a year or so ago, we here at Nightmarish Conjurings got to have an exclusive interview with the power of the thicccness aka Naughty Pooka and solidified the title of my most favorite interview ever. A year later and we are still obsessed with the monster critter. With its penchant for destruction, dropping it low, and being placated with tacos, nothing can stop POOKA from doing what it wants. And this definitely comes across in the upcoming sequel, Into The Dark’s POOKA LIVES! 

In anticipation of tomorrow’s release of POOKA LIVES! on Hulu, I got the chance to chat with POOKA about what exactly Pooka Day entails, why it is the power of the Internet is so strong and was able to help it level up so much, and whether or not there is a chance we might just see a POOKA III.

Oh my God. You worked so hard bugging Mom (Hulu) and Dad (Blumhouse) and finally got a sequel, Pooka! How does this make you feel? I know I’m super excited!

Pooka: HECK YEAH!!!! i am so excited about the pooka lives!!!! it is gonna be the best video that you have ever seen with your own eyes my costars felicia and Malcolm and lyndie and jonah are all very funny even thou they propably think i am NAUGHTY.

So, there’s now a new holiday – Pooka Day. Can you explain to me what that’s about? What rituals take place to observe this day? Do we get to string you up with lights like a Christmas tree? What’s up?

Pooka: pooka day is best holiday ever!! everyone puts on pooka masks and celebrates the thicccest baddie in the game ME! some of the most exciting traditions include: throwing dat ass back and shaking it low eating many tacos until your tummy hurts and watching every pooka movie EVER!

In the POOKA LIVES! trailer, there is mention that you come back via Creepypasta storytelling shenanigans. While I don’t think you ever left us crazy fans, why do you think the power of the internet brings you back?

Pooka: the internet brings me back because i am effing CUTE AND THEY LOVE THINGS THAT ARE CUTE!! also i think that my baby pookas (@posh_pooka and @goth_pooka and @hipster_pooka) need me to stay alife

Pooka leveled up, leveled up, leveled up, leveled up, leveled up…. l Courtesy of Hulu, Blumhouse and the NP.

Speaking of the trailer, there’s a moment where you are super hella fit. Pooka, what’d you do? And why do I still want to hug you after seeing that?

Pooka: i did pop sugar fitness youtube videos ALSO i am excited to announce EXCLUSIVELY to you that i am considering making a pookacercise video where i teach fitness while wearing leg warmers

They’ve been a little bit more active lately on social media, but what are the chances we’ll see Goth Pooka, Hipster Pooka, and Posh Pooka in this new installment?

Pooka: i think they made it in i donut know though because i havent seen it yet hehehe ANYWAYS WE HAVE LIVE TWITTER WATCH PARTY ON FRIDAY APRIL 3 AT 5 THIRTY PST so you better join in

I know I still owe you Pookies a year or so later (because I’m the worst). Would you prefer that or want to just swap it with tacos? I’m not under full quarantine, so I can’t guarantee that I won’t derp up the Pookie offerings.

Pooka: thats ok so you can send me both the cookies and the tacos 🙂

And my final question, what will you do to get Mom and Dad to get POOKA III going? Because let’s face it, any big ol’ baddie needs more than two films to wreck all kinds of chaos.

Pooka: every horror trilogy has three movies and i only has two so i need to rally my pooka babies to get MAMA HULU AND DADDY BLUMHOUSE TO GIVE ME POOKA 3!!!! if they donut give it to me i will RIOT!! i asked for two whole ass years for pooka 2 (POOKA LIVES!) and now we have it so donut underestimate me!!!!

Into The Dark’s POOKA LIVES! will premiere on Hulu on April 3, 2020. Interested in learning more about the movie? Check out our review of the film HERE. Need more Pooka related shenanigans to read? Check out our four reasons why POOKA is so important right now HERE. And don’t forget to join the Twitter Watch Paty of the new episode with the cast/crew joining along on April 3! The party begins at 8:30pm ET/5:30pm PT.

PS. The Naughty Pooka went to its babies to get one of my questions answered and below is the response. Enjoy!

Naughty Pooka and Da Babies l Courtesy of @NaughtyPooka
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