[News] HELLRAISER Trilogy Arrives on Horror Channel

[News] HELLRAISER Trilogy Arrives on Horror Channel
Courtesy of Horror Channel – Hellraiser
The Horror Channel is really dipping deep into the vengeance for the month of April. Last month they announced that April would have a whole ‘Vengeance Season’ lineup, which you can check out here. However, they didn’t stop there. They had also announced a classic sci-fi weekend that will take place from April 11-12, which features all sorts of crazy, classic science fiction movies that are just out of this world.

And now, they have such sights to show you. Horror Channel is bringing the HELLRAISER trilogy to their service each Friday in April. What better way to spend your time in isolation than to watch some sadistic shenanigans that threaten to tear your soul apart. To learn specifically which Friday in April will air which HELLRAISER movie, look below!

Courtesy of Horror Channel

Friday 3 April @ 22:50 – HELLRAISER (1987)

Frank Cotton (Sean Chapman) has solved the mystery of the Lament Configuration puzzle box, a sort of evil Rubik’s cube. Unfortunately, he inadvertently opens a doorway to Hell and, in death, enters the world of the Cenobites, a race of sadistic supernatural beings led by a bald Cenobite (Doug Bradley). Brought back from the edge of damnation by the blood of his brother, Larry (Andrew Robinson), Frank rises to feed on the souls of others. But he needs his lover and sister-in-law Julia (Clare Higgins) to bring him fresh blood.

Friday 10 April @ 23:15 – HELLRAISER II: HELLBOUND (1989)

Kirsty Cotton (Ashley Laurence) has witnessed too many horrific images for her young mind to take and is placed in the care of Doctor Channard (Kenneth Cranham). No one believes Kirsty’s wild and weird tales, except the Doctor who has secretly been searching for the pleasures the dark side can bring. Soon the walls at the institute begin to crack and bleed and once dead faces from Kirsty’s recent past return to haunt her. And then a Cenobite known as Pinhead (Doug Bradley) vows to tear her soul apart.

Friday 17 April @ 22:55 – HELLRAISER III: HELL ON EARTH  (1993)

Pinhead (Doug Bradley) has been caged in the Torture Pillar, his evil secured for all eternity. But a club owner J.P. Monroe (Kevin Bernhardt) buys this bizarre sculpture and accidentally cuts himself during its installation, dripping blood onto the ancient monument. This resurrects Pinhead but this time he’s up against a reporter Joey Summerskill (Terri Farrell) who battles Pinhead into facing his own, tortured past.

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