First, let me just say I know it’s a hard time for everyone right now. COVID-19 is no laughing matter and I hope you’re taking this quarantine seriously. The more people who continue to ignore social distancing the longer we will be in quarantine. Read a book, learn a new exercise, or check out some new films. Recently I did just that by checking out the short film, PRICELESS.

PRICELESS was produced by And Scene Productions in association with Moon Monster Media and Flagship Studios. The short was directed by Jay Tuthill and Hunter Chapman with a screenplay written by Mary Dixon. It stars Sheena Collette and Christian Hill.

The short centers around a woman named Annie (Collette) who has had enough. She’s sick of this cruel world we live in and the people who destroy it with no care for anyone else. She decides to take justice into her own hands by capturing and torturing Matt (Hill), who has no clue what’s in store for him. At the hands of Annie, Matt will soon find out all about himself and more.

From beginning to end, I loved this short. There’s something about a woman in control of a sticky situation that feels empowering and therapeutic. Or maybe that’s only for people who have survived trauma. As someone who has survived trauma, I long for revenge through stories, films, and art.

In terms of the presentation, I love the way PRICELESS was shot. The focus is only on these two characters – nothing else. It makes everything intense and exciting. You can feel the tension, anger, fear, and hate radiating off the characters.

There’s one scene, one line that stuck with me and will forever be something I think back on. “Your life is pointless, but your death is priceless.” Man, that’s powerful.

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