TRUE TERROR WITH ROBERT ENGLUND is kind of like a modern version of Unsolved Mysteries, only with creepier stories, better acting, and the perfect host! Robert Englund (Nightmare on Elm Street franchise) is a smooth talker, his voice can easily lull you into a false sense of security and that’s exactly what it does in TRUE TERROR. It’s like if Unsolved Mysteries and Twilight Zone had a baby, and all the stories were true. Nothing in TRUE TERROR is from someone’s imagination, no “two rednecks in a swamp in Louisiana seeing a UFO” as Englund put it on a recent call. These stories are all pulled from newspapers and history, which of course makes them even more terrifying.

One of the best things about this show, in my option, is that we’re getting to see Englund host the show as himself, not one of the many characters he’s played over the years. But he’s so intrinsically linked with the horror genre that just being himself is creepy. It makes him the perfect person to host and narrate this type of show.

Each episode of TRUE TERROR gives us three stories, each ripped from historical news sources. Much like Unsolved Mysteries, each one is told through reenactments. These are good quality and are filmed in real locations that really give you the feeling of being in that era. That, mixed with newspaper headlines and expert testimonies, as well as Englund’s narration, makes this show a ton of fun to watch. It’s well done without taking itself too seriously.

When asked about his favorite story in the series, Englund mentions one we see in the first episode. “I knew that there had been yellow fever and that there had been a smallpox epidemic and the influenza epidemic in America. But, in the New Orleans case, which I believe was smallpox, I had no idea that there was some scam between coroners and the guys that drove the charity wagons to the cemetery, coffin makers, and the last buck, the last buck stopping with the gravedigger. That, in fact, people were literally being buried alive for profit. And this is as recently as late last century.” I’ll be honest, that was also my favorite story of the episode, and it inspired me to go look into it more.

Not only has this show brought Robert Englund back into my living room (and honestly if that’s all it did I’d still be happy), but it also introduced me to all kinds of stories that I didn’t know existed. I’m not only looking forward to more episodes, but I’m excited to dive deeper into the stories they’ve already shared.

TRUE TERROR WITH ROBERT ENGLUND is a great show for anyone who loves historical mysteries, true crime, and Robert Englund. And can be found on the Travel Channel starting March 18th.


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