A weekend with your boys before getting married is supposed to be your last taste of freedom before getting hitched. Just have fun, drink yourself silly, maybe see a few boobs… nothing crazy, right? Well, in KILLER WEEKEND, a strange turn of events leaves a group of friends begging for freedom and fighting for their lives.

This horror-comedy was directed by Ben Kent and co-written by himself and Joel Wilenius. The cast stars Mark Heap, Sean Verey, Danny Kirrane, David Mumeni, Timothy Renouf, Perry Fitzpatrick, Ewen MacIntosh, and Jake Abbott. The story centers around a hopeless and pitiful stag party that attends a mock zombie survival event over the weekend. Sounds fun right? Unfortunately, not so much, after a crazy turn of events leaves them fighting for their lives and wishing they’d had just gone to a strip joint.

Sean Verey, Danny Kirrane, David Mumeni, and Timothy Renouf in KILLER WEEKEND | Photo courtesy of IMDB

In the same vein as The Hangover and Shaun of the Dead, KILLER WEEKEND is a hilarious horror-comedy that delivers a delicious amount of blood splatter and laughter. The story is fun, unique, and unexpected. As a horror ghoul myself, a zombie survival event sounds badass…of course, not if it turns out like this one.

The characters are over the top but lovable and their chemistry is amazing. They have that cheesy and rowdy banter between them all, but deep down they’d die for one another which is seen throughout the film. I particularly enjoyed Perry Fitzpatrick who plays Cheese, Timothy Renouf who plays Myles, David Mumeni who plays Toby, and Danny Kirrane who plays Eric. They made me laugh so much and constantly brought humor to horrifying situations. Two of my favorite scenes are when Eric drops his knife and grabs a pillow for protection and when Toby pulls an arrow out of his shoulder and uses it as a weapon. Pure horror-comedy gold.

Perry Fitzpatrick in KILLER WEEKEND | Photo courtesy of IMDB

For a zombie type of film, there isn’t as much blood as one may expect but still enough to satisfy all your dark and gory desires. I appreciated that. Sometimes zombie films go overboard with blood (I know, I know…is that possible?) but instead this film relies heavily on the humor as well as the bizarre and unfortunate situation they’re in. However, the special effects are top-notch and help bring everything together.

Basically, if you love British humor, you’ll love this. The beginning starts out a little rough, but as the story continues you fall in love with the characters and their dire need for survival. I highly recommend kicking back with a group of friends and checking out KILLER WEEKEND. You won’t be disappointed!

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