[Interview] Actor Christopher Convery for BRAHMS: THE BOY II

Remember that 2016 doll-centric movie, The Boy? It’s coming back with a vengeance! BRAHMS: THE BOY II is creeping into theaters February 21, boasting an updated story, an all-new star-studded cast, as well as a renewed distrust of dolls and old houses.

At the center of BRAHMS: THE BOY II is a boy named Jude, who takes a particular liking to the titular doll…but their friendship soon turns sour.

Playing the role of Jude is actor Christopher Convery. You might recognize him from his previous roles in By Dawn, The Girl in the Spider’s Web, Stranger Things, and Gotham. Chris may be young, but he’s already got some serious acting chops and a bright future (we hope he sticks around in the shadowy realm of horror!). Recently, we had the opportunity to catch up with him to chat about his upcoming film, his hobbies, and his favorite scary movies.

Christopher Convery in BRAHMS: THE BOY II

Did you do anything special to prepare for your audition? Once you found out you got the role of Jude, how did you prepare for your role? 

Christopher Convery: The audition process was pretty amazing. I had just finished filming Stranger Things and was in an uber going to the airport. Then about 20 minutes before we arrived at the airport, we got an email saying that we had an audition for BRAHMS: THE BOY II in 20 minutes! I read over the lines, added my acting to them, found the tone of the scene, and went to the audition in an uber! The audition was long and my character had to go through a lot of emotional stages. I felt really good after the audition because I like challenging roles. Then, we drove back to the airport and as soon as we landed back in New York, I received a call saying that I had got the role of Jude in BRAHMS: THE BOY II!

I really thought it was cool how Jude has such a character build throughout the movie from being a normal kid to meeting his new “best friend.” I’m sure you can guess who that is! But the emotions and acting level added to the role was a challenge that I was super excited to take on.

As soon as I got the role, I watched the first movie, The Boy. Viewing the first film helped teach me what the tone was and it helped enhance my character. I also read the script and not only did it give me a better understanding of the role but reading the story itself was so awesome. I also got to chat with the director William Brent Bell about my character. It was really fun because we got to make changes and give each other ideas which was such a great learning experience to help prepare for the role.

Did anything scary or spooky happen on the film set? How was it working with the doll? 

Christopher Convery: YESSSS!!! He is the creepiest doll ever! I was filming a scene where it was pretty dark and at one point the lights went out. Brahms had been sitting on a chair in the room the whole time. Not moving. The lights go out and I felt this really weird soft thing slowly touch my neck, and then the lights came back on-set. I freaked out and no one was there except Brahms. I am officially now scared of dolls because of Brahms!

Before that freaky moment happened I did have some cool interactions with Brahms. I remember when I first met the doll I said, “Woah! That’s awesome! But also creepy…” He had this silicone skin that was so lifelike, it even had veins. It was such soft skin and had these freakishly human-looking eyes with so much detail, he looked genuinely like a shrunken boy. He was also pretty heavy since he is pretty big for a doll!


Do you usually enjoy watching horror movies? If so, which ones are your favorite? What’s the scariest movie you’ve ever seen? 

Christopher Convery: Yeah, horror movies are so fun. I love going to see them with friends, getting popcorn, getting super jump scared and laughing with friends.

I really love Us, A Quiet Place, and of course, The Boy! That ending was just so crazy, unexpected and scary! The scariest movie I have ever seen is Halloween the original! And…BRAHMS: THE BOY 2! It’s so scary!

What are your favorite things to do when you’re not working on a film or TV show (and when you’re not in school)? 

Christopher Convery: I really enjoy singing, dancing, and playing the piano. I like to hang out with my friends and play sports like basketball and baseball. I also like doing debate and playing chess and I am part of both a debate and chess team. I also really enjoy playing video games. I play piano a lot and have quite a few YouTube and Instagram videos of me playing the piano and singing. You can check out Christopher Convery on YouTube and @christopherconvery on Instagram to see them!

What can you tell us about BRAHMS: THE BOY II that will get us excited to go to the movie? 

Christopher Convery: Ooh…there are so many things that happen in the movie but I can’t say! You are going to have to find out for yourself when you see it! But I’ll give you a hint, Brahms may not be who you think he is…

Katie Holmes, Owain Yeoman, and Christopher Convery in BRAHMS: THE BOY II

What was it like working with veteran actors like Katie Holmes and Ralph Ineson? 

Christopher Convery: It was so much fun to work with Katie! She is a true professional actor. I learned a lot from her. She would make the mother and son bond super real since she would improv with me and would kiss me on the forehead and hug me as a real mother and son would do, especially during the high stakes moments. I remember there was one time where Katie was on my Instagram looking at a video of me playing the piano. She really liked it and showed it to William Brent Bell, our director. They both agreed that they should add a whole new scene of me playing the piano in the script. It was a pretty crazy experience because now there is a scene of me playing the piano in the movie!

Ralph was so cool. When I heard his voice for the first time, it freaked me out! It’s so deep and low, he sounds scary but he’s the nicest guy and an amazing actor. What was really cool was after we finished filming, we would go out to an arcade which had all the classic games to play!

BRAHMS: THE BOY II will arrive in theaters February 21, 2020.


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