If you’re interested in wendigos, zombies, demons, and sassy characters, consider reading GATE 4: VOLUME ONE. The collection of short episodes by author Terry M. West are fun, creepy, and vivid. 

An ancient evil lurks beneath a forgotten Texan city. Gate 4 is the only defense against demons and monsters of every kind. The story follows many characters living in a world where Eaters, essentially blue zombies, roam the Earth. In fact, just about every kind of monster one could think of thrive in this series. 

GATE 4: VOLUME ONE contains six episodes following a large cast of fascinating characters. It’s a horrifying universe in a way that will delight fans of gritty, gory horror with an attitude. GATE 4: VOLUME ONE is interesting, it captures your attention from the first pages and hooks you in with vivid descriptions. 

Characters get dramatic, hook-you-in entrances. “It wasn’t his fault. Billy was a good man,” begins an episode. “A smart man. A genius. A scientist. Caught in a lab explosion at his work, everyone said he was dead. But then he came and took Susie and hid her here. Where the bad people wouldn’t find them.” 

Then there are delight lines such as “Four soldiers pounced on Billy. He swept them away with little effort, breaking bones and egos.” Or lines such as “If ball lightning and St. Elmo’s Fire had a baby and put steroids in its formula, that would be the result.”

Overall GATE 4: VOLUME ONE has interesting characters, including villains with saucy dialogue and sometimes-heroes with snappy one-liners. Episodes are followed by insightful notes from the author. The book is available from online retailers, and Volume Two is promised soon. 

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