THE CLEANSING HOUR, like many movies that focus on “current” technology, is more than a little silly. But it also packs some fun, scary, and gruesome punches along the way.

Internet live-streaming star Max and his producer/best friend Drew are struggling to keep their audience interested. They stage elaborate exorcisms that take place over a tight hour-long webcast. They sell fake Vatican-holy-water blessed towels and other sleazy merchandise. “Father Max, the famous exorcist” as he’s described, struggles to act like a priest in any meaningful way outside of his webcast role, instead giving into his unholy vices. 

On one fateful night, Drew’s fiancee Lane has to play the victim after an actress cancels. But she gets possessed by a real demon, and the webcast goes downhill fast. The trio finds themselves at the mercy of a demon – and maybe worse, their shitposting audience. 

“Ya fuck with the bull, you’ll eventually get the horns,” grins demon-possessed Lane, played with glee and infectious enthusiasm by Alix Angelis. Director Damien LeVeck (Dark, Deadly & Dreadful, Attraction) has a long history in film editing, and it shows in THE CLEANSING HOUR’s fast-paced and professional editing choices. 

The cast includes Kyle Gallner (Dinner in America), Ryan Guzman (9-1-1), Joanna David (Thanks for the Memories), Emma Holzer (Baked in Brooklyn), Alix Angelis (Between the Pines), Tara Karsian (American Horror Story), Chris Lew Kum Hoi (Derry Girls), Amrou Al-Kadhi (The Grab), Giulia Nahmany (Luca), and Matt Raimo (The Neighborhood Nightmare).

The movie runs a standard 94 minutes and hits the expected beats, with a few surprises in the mix. There were more than a few unintentionally hilarious moments regarding the movie’s depictions of “modern-day” technology that are too silly and fun for me to give away here. I recommend you watch for yourself. You might be shocked, or maybe scared, or think it’s funny and ridiculous half the time. Or, like me, you’ll feel all of those and more towards THE CLEANSING HOUR.

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