MOMMA, DON’T GO is a six-minute short film about a home invasion gone very, very wrong – for all parties involved. Grey (Anthony Franqui) and Olive (Melissa Sutkowski) make the mistake of breaking into the wrong home and after killing one member of the family and fatally wounding another, Claire (Julia Tolchin), the daughter, pleads for her mother’s life.

Fortunately for her, Grey has a conscience and retrieves the “medicine” she asks for. Unluckily for him, and his partner in crime, the “medicine”, which is hidden in a locked box, under the sink in the bathroom, is a type of potion with a horrifying reveal. Needless to say, things don’t work out the way Grey and Olive hoped they would as they have to contend with dead bodies and a terrifying creature.

One of the things I loved about this short film was how killer the special effects makeup was. Even though MOMMA, DON’T GO is only six-minutes, you really got a feel of who these characters were and what they were going through.

MOMMA, DON’T GO is written and directed by Rafael De Leon Jr., and is currently screening at Panic Fest.

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