From NoWhere comes an intriguing new film that will leave you speechless. I BLAME SOCIETY is having its World Premiere today at the International Film Festival Rotterdam and I think it’s going to wow audiences.

Gillian Horvat not only wrote and directed this film, but also stars alongside Keith Poulson, Chase Williamson, Jennifer Kim, Alexia Rasmussen, Devon Graye, and Macon Blair. The story centers around a fictionalized version of Gillian herself and the struggle she faces trying to get her first film off the ground. How far is too far? What must she do to be taken seriously?

I BLAME SOCIETY is such a fantastically unique story that is eerily mesmerizing that starts out so innocently. Gillian just wants to make a film and has a great idea for it, but no one will take her seriously. Who would take a woman director seriously? When the pressure becomes too much, she begins to lose it a bit and pushes things too far. But when creating art, things can get messy…

Gillian is phenomenal. Although her character changes quite a bit throughout the film, she made me uncomfortable from the very beginning. It’s like I knew that she had the potential to take things too far and she did as a passion turned into an obsession. She was relentless and brutal with no fucks to give.

One of the best parts about I BLAME SOCIETY is the amazing special effects and makeup. There is a decent amount of gore and blood in the film and it’s all exceptionally well done. It feels real – almost too real.

My favorite part was the ending and how it all played out as a perfect dark comedy. I feel like this film drops a lot of truth bombs about society such as how women filmmakers are still overlooked for jobs and aren’t given enough credit for their accomplishments. Even when they jump over hoops to accomplish what is asked of them, they are often still turned away with jobs given to others who are less qualified. That said, I BLAME SOCIETY highlights these issues beautifully with just the right amount of comedy and horror.

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