Another year at the Long Beach Comic Expo has come and gone. When I walked into the convention on that Sunday, the first thing that caught my eye was a very awesome and hilarious Cheech & Chong cosplay from Up In Smoke. I’ve seen a lot of Cheech & Chong cosplay before but nothing quite like this. The one cosplaying as Cheech had a huge fake joint that blew out smoke and I couldn’t help but laugh each time he blew smoke out.

Before walking downstairs into the main area, I attended the “Women of Horror” panel (that’ll be covered in another write up in more detail) which was part of Geekfest. It was a fun 45-min long panel with Dana DeLorenzo (Ash vs. Evil Dead), Devanny Pinn (The Dawn), Elissa Dowling (Girl on the Third Floor) & Alex Rinehart (They’re Inside) where they talked about their past horror movies, upcoming projects, and tales from behind-the-scenes. After the panel finished, I got stopped by some Trekkies asking me if I wanted to come inside for some Star Trek trivia. I had to pass because I would fail as hard as Star Trek V: The Voyage Home (look it up, kids!). I may have not gone to that many panels but there were plenty of them ranging from: Building Your Own R2 Unit, Rise of the Latina Superhero, Hip Hop Meets Comics, and How to Dominate Social Media, just to name a few.

After arriving on the main floor I noticed it wasn’t as crazy as Long Beach Comic-Con (there’s a difference I found out) but the cosplayers were out and ready to be looked at. As you’d expect, the cosplay I saw the most was Mando and Baby Yoda from The Mandalorian, but in my opinion, that wasn’t a bad thing at all. I was all for it because each cosplayer had a different spin to their design. No matter what con it is, you’re always going to find some great cosplay. I saw an adorable little girl in a full-bodied Lego Batgirl outfit, a dad dressed as Indiana Jones who had his infant son as the short round from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom who was being strolled around in a custom made minecart. That’s definitely parenting done right! Speaking of parenting done right, one of the coolest looking custom-made geek strollers I saw was a Darth Vader Tie Fighter. I was really impressed by it and the way in which it lit up. The little girl that was situated inside of it looked really happy as well. Gotta love future geeks! As closing time approached, I walked around and looked at a few vendors and bought a sweet Rocketeer pin from Little Shop of Pins. Something I never saw before was when I was walking through Social Square, I saw R2-DT and another droid stroll right by me up to a few of the celebrity guests located at their booth where they all started to have a droid dance party. Yeah, you read that correctly! A Droid Dance Party with special guests Carlos Ferro (Gears of War), Dana DeLorenzo, Cesar Garcia (Breaking Bad), Jason Faunt (Red Power Ranger) and Bai Ling (Samurai Cop 2, Primal Fear).

My final thoughts on Sunday’s events at Long Beach Comic Expo was how much fun I had enjoying the amazing geeks out there and the way they rocked their cosplays. The “Woman of Horror” panel was fun and insightful and the vendors were super cool. It’s always a good time at the Expo as this is my second year attending. I’ll for sure be back next year, same time, same place! For more on Long Beach Comic Expo’s Saturday shenanigans, click here.

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