Coming this February to Heritage Square Museum is the horror immersive play, HERE THE BIRDS BURN: A PHANTASMAGORIA REVIVAL.

From the information gathered on their ticketing page, HERE THE BIRDS BURN: A PHANTASMAGORIA REVIVAL is a historical reenactment of a 1830s Phantasmagoria show a type of early horror theater that used the magic lantern and other optical illusions to conjure ghosts and frighten guests.

“In a time before haunted house mazes and modern-day Halloween… in a time before film and photography… audiences hungered for horror-fueled entertainment, eagerly willing to pay anyone who would satisfy their needs to be scared for a night with friends. And so there was the Phantasmagoria.

HERE THE BIRDS BURN is a revival of this early form of visual entertainment, meant to guide modern audiences into experiencing one of the first antecedents to today’s cultural love of all things macabre. The Phantasmagoria was a form of early horror theater. With the use of magic lanterns and optical illusions ghosts and other apparitions were conjured, the lines of science and magic were blurred, and life and death were explored through both spectacle and discussion.

Incorporating working authentic 18th & 19th-century magic lanterns with hand-painted glass slides, along with being joined by fellow period-era theater guests, this immersive performance, set in the 1830s, promises an evening of frightful delight. Performed at the Heritage Square Museum, guests will traverse through multiple Victorian-era historical homes throughout the performance.

Finally, if you so choose to join as they conjure unholy spirits of the past, we ask that you only wear black, out of respect for the dead.”

HERE THE BIRDS BURN: A PHANTASMAGORIA REVIVAL will take place February 7-9, 13-16, & 20-23, 2020. Tickets are $55 and can be purchased here. The show will take place at the Heritage Square Museum located at 3800 Homer St., Los Angeles, CA 90031 (located off the 110 Fwy, 10 minutes Northeast of Downtown). Museum parking is free.


Ages 18+ only

You must arrive 10-15 minutes before your showtime
Wear comfortable shoes and clothing, as you will be standing, traversing uneven surfaces and stairs, as well as sitting on the carpeted floor.

Do not wear high-heeled shoes, as they will damage the hardwood floors of these historic homes. Parking at the museum is free. Once you arrive at the museum gates, the parking lot will be on your right.

Be advised that in this play audiences will encounter fog, dark spaces, small spaces, unsettling/creepy imagery, loud noises, and light to medium physical touch.

Please turn off or silence your phones before arriving and bring as little with you as possible.

Performance run time will be approximately one hour and 10 minutes.
There will be no intermission

Attire suggestion: Black, Dressy Casual

Due to the interactive nature of the show, guests arriving after their showtime will not be admitted. NO LATE ENTRY and NO REFUNDS.

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