On January 1, 2019, 4 immersive creators will begin the M-Series with Prelude, written and directed by Alex C. James and produced by all 4 founders, including: Amori Stewart, Paul Stephen Edwards, & Reyna “Chainsaw Queen” Velarde.

BL4KM4SS continued the “M” Storyline with M-Part I, Clausen: Inauguration, P4RT II, and coming Spring 2020, BR4ND1NG 0F TH3 L4MB. By Alex C. James, “Your choices will have consequences.” You do not have to have attended previous shows to participate in P4RT II – those participants will view a film and make choices before entering. M: P4RT II has 6 slots left: 1/10 – 7pm, 1/17 – 10:30 & 11:40 and 1/18 – 7, 9:20, 10:30, 11:40.

Since January 2019, BL4KM4SS has produced 9 shows and there are at least 16 shows in 2020. BR4ND1NG 0F TH3 L4MB starts February 21st through March and guests may now start booking.

BL4KM4SS presents “H0L1D4Y with BL4KM4SS”, a show every month on a special holiday. Participants may elect to buy a HOL1D4YP4SS to purchase multiple shows and guarantee a spot for each H0L1D4Y. 4-P4SS types will be available, limited to 3-5 passes per level, and each show will be limited to 5-10 participants. Shows will only run once. Each H0L1D4YP4SS will come with different perks (like a sweater, t-shirt, calendar, extra passes, and more!). Shows will run 20-90 mins. Some shows will be group experiences. All shows will include a segment where you will be alone. Some shows will include food and/or drink. Those who have an approved application on file will receive information on how to book their pass. Individual shows are $150 but booking multiple shows in a “P4SS” can save guests up to $495! (FULL P4SS is SOLD OUT).

For more information on future shows, follow @BL4KM4SS on Instagram. To enter a BL4KM4SS Show, email bl4km4ss@gmail.com. Once your application is approved, you will receive show information before anyone else, priority registration, and select discounts.

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