[News] Christopher Nolan Unveils Mindbending TENET Trailer
Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures
Warner Bros. Pictures has released the first official trailer for director Christopher Nolan’s latest project, TENET. Make sure to check out the mindbending, time-travel altering trailer below and let us know what you think.

We don’t have a lot of information regarding the film but, after watching the trailer, it is reminiscent of arguably one of Nolan’s most visually stunning films, Inception. Instead of traversing through different layers of a person’s psyche, we’re getting a version of the afterlife that seems to also lead the characters to discover how malleable time is? At least, that’s what I’m getting from the trailer. What do you guys think? I’m dying to hear your thoughts because we may not get any actual clarity until the film comes out next year.

TENET is an upcoming action thriller film written and directed by Christopher Nolan (Dunkirk, Interstellar) and produced by Nolan and Emma Thomas (Inception, The Dark Knight).

It stars John David Washington (Monsters and Men, “Ballers”), Robert Pattinson (The Lighthouse, the upcoming Batman), Elizabeth Debicki (Widows, The Night Manager), Dimple Kapadia (Saagar, Dil Chahta Hai), Aaron Taylor-Johnson (The King’s Man, Godzilla), Clémence Poésy (“The Tunnel”, The Ones Below), Michael Caine (Going In Style, Kingsman: The Secret Service), and Kenneth Branagh (Murder on the Orient Express, Thor).

The film will find its way into theaters on July 17, 2020. Will you see it before time runs out?

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