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Episode 6 of THE MANDALORIAN treated us to a good ol’ fashioned heist. Mando meets up with an old contact, Ran (Mark Boone Jr.) in order to complete a new found job. The job is to break a prisoner out of a new republic ship. In addition to Mando, the rest of the team is comprised of Burg (Clancy Brown) a Devaronian, Mayfeld (Bill Burr), Twi’lek Zi’an (Natalia Tena), and the droid Zero (voiced by Richard Ayoade). The entire team is pretty much what you’d expect from a ragtag troupe put together to accomplish said heist, and throughout the episode, they take turns exchanging sassy remarks at the expense of how much they all seem to hate Mando. From the get-go, it’s not hard to see that this will not go well for them.

Tensions run high as the group makes their way to the target and just when things hit a boiling point between Mando and Burg, Baby Yoda is discovered in the storage closet where Mando has hidden him and Mayfeld is quick to swoop him up and taunt Mando. After a quick drop out of hyperspace, Mayfeld fumbles and drops the baby, which I’m sure was harrowing for all involved, especially us watching.

Clancy Brown, Pedro Pascal, Bill Burr, and Natalie Tena in THE MANDALORIAN | Image courtesy of IMDB

Once aboard the ship, Mando shows off some of his sweet moves to quickly deal with a band of security droids and the group makes their way to the holding cell to retrieve the package. With the prisoner in hand, Mando quickly realizes (as we all did at the beginning of the episode) that he’s being double-crossed and its Mando shut it down time. This was probably my favorite part of the episode as it had a very 80s horror Alienesque feel to it. The power goes out and the backup generator provides a deep red glow to the ship corridors. The mercenaries have been split up and each walks a corridor alone on the lookout for Mando who is inevitably coming for them all.

Back on the Razor Crest, with the communication link out, Zero discovers the Baby Yoda and proceeds to play a hide and seek of sorts as he tries to capture him. Once he does find him and with nowhere else to go, Baby Yoda is swift to try and use his force powers to end Zero and for a minute it does seem like he manages to blow his head off. We soon realize that it was Mando that dealt the blow in a sweet moment between reluctant father and son.

Still from THE MANDALORIAN | Image courtesy of IMDB

Once he delivers the prisoner to Ran and with the rest of the team stuck back on the new republic ship, Mando peaces out with Baby Yoda towards the next adventure but not before leaving Ran and the Prisoner Qin with a parting gift: A tracking beacon for rebel pilots to hone in on and blow them to bits. Here we get a fun little easter egg as the three X-wing pilots are directors of previous MANDALORIAN episodes: Dave Filoni, Deborah Chow and Rick Famuyiwa.

The Lore

There really wasn’t a whole lot in terms of deep Star Wars lore going on in this episode. If I’m being honest, this was my least favorite episode of the series and there seemed to be a lot going on and yet nothing going on at the same time.

Still from THE MANDALORIAN | Image courtesy of IMDB

We did see some familiar species, Xi-an and her brother Qin are both Twi’leks and Burg is a Devaronian who we first see in the cantina scene in Episode IV: A New Hope.

Also as I mentioned earlier there were plenty of cameos; The trio of directors, Dave Filoni, Deborah Chow and Rick Famuyiwa as the X-wing pilots towards the end of the episode, as well as comedian Bill Burr in the role of Mayfeld.

Pedro Pascal, Mark Boone Junior, and Bill Burr in THE MANDALORIAN | Image courtesy of IMDB

This episode mostly left me wondering if any of the bigger plot points and questions I had in the first few episodes are going to be answered at the conclusion of this season, or left up in the air to be answered in Season 2. What of Mando’s signet? What about the flashbacks where we see his childhood? What is the end game with Baby Yoda? So far it’s been the adventures of Mando and Baby Yoda and that’s been fun but we’ll hopefully get more solid mythos in the concluding two episodes of the season. Each episode of THE MANDALORIAN will be released weekly each Friday on Disney+ with the exception of this week, which will be released on Wednesday. Also, to catch up for the last two episodes, make sure to read Angie’s earlier recaps here

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