It can be hard to feel in the spirit of the holiday season with the sunny skies and perpetual 70-degree weather in beautiful Southern California. It wasn’t until I stepped onto the grounds of Queen Mary Christmas that I actually felt the holidays. This season, with both a winter wonderland and a Ghost of Christmas Passed experience, there is something for everyone aboard the Queen Mary.
Queen Mary Christmas is a family-friendly event that has experiences for people of all ages but it is most suitable for school-age children. An assortment of holiday activities brings the spirit of Christmas to the Long Beach harbor. Outdoors, there is a train ride, a carousel, a blow-up snow globe, foamy “snow” in the enchanted forest path, a giant rocking chair, live performances, and plenty of cozy fires all free with your ticket to the event. Additionally, periodically the sounds of drums fill the air as uniformed drummers make their way through the park. And for a fee, guests can also ice skate around a 26 foot Christmas tree with a backdrop of the majestic Queen Mary. At first glance, it doesn’t seem like there is that much to do outside but if you do all the activities it will take a couple of hours at least. Especially, if you take the time to have a snack or take a break with an adult drink at the bar. There are also plenty of places to sit out by the fire or sit inside a tent on a cozy couch to take in the festive surroundings. The Queen Mary also allows guests the ability to purchase a private cabana by the ice rink to take in the sights in style between activities. Young school-age children will likely greatly enjoy all of the outdoor activities that the Queen Mary Christmas has to offer.
However fun the outside park may be, the inside of the Queen Mary is where Christmas really shines. With festive holiday decor on every wall and classic Christmas songs filling the air from live carolers, it’s hard not to fill in the holiday spirit at the Queen Mary. Guests have the option to make Christmas ornaments free with their ticket. But for an additional fee, guests are able to decorate a gingerbread house or a Christmas stocking. Craft lovers of any age will enjoy these classic holiday crafts aboard the Queen Mary. For younger guests, there is also story time with Mrs. Claus and a meet and greet with Santa offered free with your ticket to Queen Mary Christmas. There are plenty of places to take precious holiday photos with your loved ones and even a dedicated Insta-Wrap room with props and different backgrounds.
If you want to get in the holiday spirit and make some precious memories with your family, Queen Mary Christmas is the place to go. Especially if you have young school-age children who enjoy crafts and tame rides. For another year, the Queen Mary Christmas brings that holiday feeling home to Southern California residents with bright lights, cozy fires, and all your favorite winter activities all in one magical place.
A separate ticket will get you access to resident QM illusionist, Aiden Sinclair’s Ghost of Christmas Passed experience. Personally, I have seen Mr. Sinclair perform on at least 3 occasions and I am enthralled every time. He is not only an exceptionally entertaining (and modest) performer but also an extremely talented illusionist. Each time I’ve seen him perform it has been a significantly different show with a high level of voluntary audience participation and interesting anecdotes about the Queen Mary weaved throughout his mind-blowing “tricks”. Ghost of Christmas Passed will not only leave you baffled and astonished by his feats of magic but also get you thinking about the ghosts that haunt you. Individuals age 13 or older can get a chance to see Ghost of Christmas Passed for a limited time throughout the month of December.
Tickets for Queen Mary Christmas and Aiden Sinclair’s Ghost of Christmas Passed can be purchased

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