[Episode Recap] THE PURGE S2 EP9

The annual Purge has begun. This week on THE PURGE, viewers will watch as we are thrust into life and death situations in the episode titled “Hail Mary.” The hours are counting down, and the stakes are getting higher.

In this episode of THE PURGE, we watch as Ben (Joel Allen) wreaks havoc on his fraternity brothers. He clearly has his sights set on his friend Turner (Matt Shively), who left him behind last Purge night. Although Ben seems to want to convince Turner to participate on Purge night more than he wants to Purge his former friend. 

Esme (Paola Nuñez) sets her plan in motion to strike at the NFFA. She teams up with a group of female hackers to make her way to the center where she used to work. At the same time, Ryan (Max Martini) and his team get to work on their secret plan to free their friend, Tommy (Jonathan Martinez), from his prison execution. Yet the group runs into an unexpected obstacle that could cost them their lives.

Finally, there is Marcus (Derek Luke) and his family. His neighbors are closing in around the house, and they plan on getting to Marcus by any means necessary. Marcus has to do what he can to protect the ones he loves, his home, and himself. He will have to choose whether he will Purge or find another way.

An interesting aspect of this episode of THE PURGE is the opening. Each episode has begun by giving us a small glimpse behind the curtain. This episode is no different, except we take a look into the past rather than looking at the present. The episode shows a small boy watching a children’s television show that talks about the Purge. Watching the show leads to a violent outburst from the child, whom we learn is a young Ben. What is interesting about this is that it shows Ben had a predisposition to violence from an early age. The big question though is whether or not he would have that predisposition if Purge night didn’t exist. It also implies he would likely have been able to go on living a normal life if he hadn’t been forced to kill during the last Purge. 

“Hail Mary” is definitely one of the most thrilling, violent, and disturbing episodes from this season of THE PURGE. There are many moments that are sure to shock viewers and deliver on plenty of gore some horror fans might have been missing this season. The episode does a great job of incorporating the hyper-violence from the films, while still continuing the more nuanced plots built up throughout the season.

As a bonus, Gigi Saul Guerrero directs this episode of THE PURGE. Horror fans are sure to recognize her name as she’s exploded into the horror industry this year with her breakout entry into Blumhouse’s Into The Dark series, Culture Shock. You can definitely feel her distinctive flair in this episode, especially with the host of the children’s show at the beginning of the episode. The host has a disturbingly cheery disposition, despite the horrific events she’s telling kids about, much like Barbara Crampton’s character in Culture Shock. You can also learn all about the amazing design Guerrero created with Blumhouse for THE PURGE by clicking here

We are quickly approaching the finale of THE PURGE. Episode 9 covers the first several hours of Purge night, ending with just four hours left. I can only imagine what insanity will take place during those final hours as we see plotlines converge and year-long plans come to fruition. 

Don’t miss THE PURGE on Tuesday nights at 9/8c only on the USA network and for a recap of the previous episodes, click here

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