On December 6th, 2019, Mondo unveiled their highly anticipated A Spirit of Adventure: A Pixar Poster Show to a crowd of excited fans at the Mondo Gallery space in Austin, TX. At long last, their rabid fans would be able to experience Pixar, in all of its colorful glory, through the eyes of Mondo’s specially selected artists.

When it comes to the alternative poster market and innovative film art, Mondo is without competition. Beginning in 2004, the Austin based company has surged to the top. Lines for their shows stretch around the corner, limited runs sell out in minutes, and you will not find a better artistic space for celebrity the depth and breadth of film and film lovers. Their Pixar poster exhibition may just be the most enchanting entry yet.

Mondo’s Spirit of Adventure: A Pixar Poster Show breathes new and imaginative life into our beloved childhood properties. The exhibit features re-imaginings of all of your favorite Pixar films, including Up, Finding Nemo, Brave, Monsters Inc., the Toy Story franchise, Coco, and many more. Featured artists were able to showcase their unique love for a given film, with seasoned Mondo contributors like Sara Deck, Cesar Moreno, and Phantom City Creative, among others.

The saturated colors and bright designs of childhood are showcased perfectly in the minimalist and airy Austin space. In the Mondo Gallery, childhood nostalgia is elevated to a sophistication that would be at home in any art collection, allowing gallery visitors the opportunity to revisit the films they loved best with a fresh perspective. Beyond giving our favorite Pixar films a facelift, the Spirit of Adventure shows beautifully matched artists to films to create a unique experience where the personality of a given film was allowed to shine in the piece.

The collection of prints showcasing Toy Story films 1-3 was a particularly exceptional illustration of this idea. Phantom City Creative’s take on Toy Story is as classic an approach as you can imagine, dripping in nostalgia. In contrast, Tom Whalen does a deep dive into Toy Story 2’s exploration of Woody’s retro origins with his interpretation. Most impressively, Francesco Francavilla channels a look reminiscent of early horror to capture the heavier themes of Toy Story 3

This attention to story detail and masterful interpretations is present in every piece, from the charming to the compelling. Spirit of Adventure is aptly named as each piece captures the colorful, unique, and playful spirit of the original property.

Mondo’s Spirit of Adventure: A Pixar Poster Show will run from Dec. 6-8 at the Mondo Gallery, located at 4115 Guadalupe Street in Austin, TX. The prints will be available for purchase in the gallery, for the duration of the show’s run, and leftover stock can be found on Mondo’s website afterward. Buy one, buy two, buy ten! 

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