[Episode Recap] THE PURGE S2 E8

It might be hard to believe, but it’s already time for Episode 8 of THE PURGE Season 2. With only two more episodes left after tonight, “Before the Sirens” takes viewers into the final hours leading up to Purge night.

This episode of THE PURGE follows each of the main characters as they get ready for Purge night in vastly different ways. Ryan and Esme make the final preparations for their mission. On one side, Ryan and his team are making sure everything is in place for their big heist. On Esme’s side, she has been working on helping Ryan as well as attempting to expose the NFFA. She has to reach out to an old friend for some help, even though it puts them both at risk. How they plan to pull this off still remains a mystery, and it seems as though they have some other Purge night surprises up their sleeves.

Marcus takes drastic measures to make sure his son is safe not only from Purge participants, but also from the NFFA. Once he achieves that, he and his wife Michelle gather weapons. They know their neighbors are coming for blood and Marcus and Michelle are ready for them. When two unexpected visitors show up just before the Purge begins, they may now have some much-needed allies in what is likely to be a fight for their lives.

Then there’s Ben. In the remaining moments leading up with the first sirens, Ben has completely dropped the facade of a normal human being. While his fraternity brothers attempt to fortify the house, they all notice his strange and hostile behavior. The brothers try to confront Ben, but it leads to a fateful confrontation they will likely soon regret.

This is what the entire season of THE PURGE has been leading up to. We saw the characters coming to terms with the events in last year’s Purge night and make their plans for the next Purge. Now is the time for those plans to finally fall into place. “Before the Sirens” does a fantastic job of gradually building the tension as it begins with the characters doing mundane tasks to the more drastic pre-Purge activities.

While each character’s storyline and arch has been great to watch this season, the past couple episodes have me especially interested in Ben’s subplot. Going from a regular, preppy college kid to a stone-cold killer is frightening. This episode really shows how unhinged he’s become and how easily he will turn on those closest to him.

I’m also very curious to see how Esme’s plans will play out in the final episodes of THE PURGE. There is a lot more intrigue surrounding her storyline. Going from an NFFA worker bee to NFFA enemy number one is quite a journey in a single year. We know Esme wants to not only help Ryan and his friends, but also find a way to expose the NFFA for all the horrible things they do and expose the Purge as a lie. There’s no telling how she plans to do that, but I’d be willing to bet most fans are rooting for her to stick it to the man.

The episode ends as Purge night begins, and it manages to pack in a few good shocks to leave you hanging and ready for the next episode. I imagine there are still many more surprises to come as the finale draws near.

Be sure to keep up with THE PURGE on Tuesday nights at 9/8c on the USA Network and for a recap of the previous episodes, click here.


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