This week on THE MANDALORIAN, viewers were treated to more shootouts, more new characters, and, of course, more Baby Yoda.

In the opening sequence of this week’s episode, we see a quaint village in the middle of a harvesting season. They seem to be harvesting fluorescent blue krill by the dozens, but an unknown assailant emerging from the nearby woods quickly interrupts the peacefulness of the village. As the villagers are gunned down by a gang of Klatooinians, we see a mother and daughter take cover under one of the harvest baskets within one of the krill trenches. They are gone as quickly as they came, and the mother and daughter emerge to see their colony in shambles.

Back on the ship, Mando and Baby Yoda are looking for a safe place to land. They decide on Sorgan, a planet with no star ports, no industrial centers, and no population density aka the perfect place for them to hide and lay low for a while. After landing, Mando decides to do some exploring of the surrounding area and our two friends walk into a local restaurant. While ordering, Mando sports a mysterious woman sitting across from them. Upon inquiring as to her business there, she quickly slips away and Mando follows her only to have his ass handed to him shortly thereafter. Once the woman realizes Mando is not after her, she agrees to have a sit down with him and we learn that she was part of the “clean-up crew” on Endor and later became a sort of security guard for delegates and riots. Similar to Mando, she also figured she could lay low on Sorgan. Once he learns this, Mando decides to leave but is interrupted by some locals who have put together all the money they have to hire Mando as protection.

Pedro Pascal in THE MANDALORIAN | Image courtesy of IMDB

Reluctant at first, Mando figures out the locals are from a village nearby and they are Krill farmers. That’s right, these are the same Krill farmers that were all but wiped out in the opening scene of the episode. Figuring they can at least stay a few days, Mando agrees to go back with them and help, but not before recruiting his new friend Cara Dune.

In the village which has now been rebuilt, we meet Omera and her daughter Winta, the two we see hiding in the opening sequence of the episode. They provide food and lodging for Mando and Cara and Omera immediately takes a liking to Mando which, let’s face it, isn’t that unbelievable. Baby Yoda is quick to make friends with the local children and all in all it seems like this will be a pretty simple job for them. Once Mando and Cara head into the woods to see exactly what they’re up against, they not only discover footprints left by the Klattooinian raiders but also realize an AT-ST is responsible for most of the damage and this “quick and easy job” they took up soon becomes way more complicated.

Mando and Cara suggest that the villagers find a new place to live, as they cannot realistically defeat the walker on their own. Upon hearing this, the villagers declare that they will not be leaving and Mando suggests that he and Cara teach them how to fight back. Focusing on traps and barricades, the villagers are quick to set up a perimeter that will be helpful once Mando and Cara lure the raiders out of the woods. Cara trains them in hand to hand combat, while Mando shows a few villagers how to handle a blaster. Seeming to have done all they can, Mando and Cara set out into the woods and hope that the villagers are ready for whatever comes at them once they return.

Pedro Pascal and Gina Carano in THE MANDALORIAN | Image courtesy of IMDB

With the attack proving to be successful, Mando and Cara come out of the woods with the AT-ST and a band of Klatooinians hot on their tail but the villagers are armed and ready. Their plan hits a snag, however, when the Walker stops a few steps short of the trap they have made. This causes Cara to run out and try to bait the Walker into stepping forward. After a few harrowing tries, she manages to get the Walker to fall into the pit and the villagers manage to take out the raiders.

Once the evil has been defeated (so to speak), Mando decides that he should leave Baby Yoda in the care of Omara and the children of the village so as to save him from the trials of traveling around the galaxy with him. This to me seems like a super dumb idea seeing as how there are plenty of other bounty hunters with tracking fobs to the Baby, especially now that Mando has taken him and ran away. This lapse in judgment on Mando’s part becomes apparent as we see a hooded figure with a tracking fob tracking them from the woods nearby. Omara tries to get Mando to stay as well, and for a brief moment, he gives it some pretty serious consideration before a shot rings out from the woods. We also almost get a glimpse of Pedro Pascal when Omara gets super close to removing Mando’s helmet.

Realizing that the baby is not as safe in the village as he first thought, Mando and Baby Yoda pack up and leave plenty of broken hearts behind in their wake.

Pedro Pascal and Julia Jones in THE MANDALORIAN | Image courtesy of IMDB

The Lore

There are a few key things to discuss in this episode so let’s get right into it:

Sorgan – In this episode, we get our first named planet. Not much is known about Sorgan other than the fact that its relatively desolate and mostly forest.

Lothcat – The creature that lunges at our beautiful Baby Yoda is none other than the Lothcat. We’ve seen the Lothcat before in Star Wars Rebels, Rogue One, and there’s an adorable version of it at the creature stall in Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland.

Cara Dune – As one of the new characters, we do learn quite a bit about Cara in this episode. We learn that she was a Shock Trooper, hunting down imperial warlords after the battle of Endor but soon grew dissatisfied with the job and reinvented herself as a mercenary. Not the super awesome Rebel insignia tattoo she sports under her left eye.

Gina Carano in THE MANDALORIAN | Image courtesy of IMDB

Klatooinians – The Klatooinians are native to the planet Klatooine and usually work as bounty hunters. We’ve heard of them before, most notably in the Clone Wars as Castas, the bounty hunter who teamed up with Boba Fett and was a Klattooinian. They’ve also appeared in Return of the Jedi and Star Wars Resistance.

Omera – Not much is known about Omera other than the fact that she is an excellent shooter and was widowed. I would personally like to know more about her as she seems to know more than she lets on. I was also intrigued by the color of clothing that her and the villagers wear. It’s a striking blue, similar to the Krill that they harvest. Not sure if the color correlates with the Krill but it’s a nice opposite to the red we see Mando and his family wearing in his flashbacks.

Speaking of Krill and blues, the Klatooinians are seen drinking a glowy blue liquid surrounded by vats of what seems like the same blue liquid. Could this be what they are using the Krill that they stole from the village for? Stay tuned for more next week as I recap episode 5. Episodes of THE MANDALORIAN will be released weekly each Friday on Disney+ and you can read Angie’s earlier recaps here.

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