DO NOT REPLY, a psychological social horror film created by son-father directing duo Daniel Woltosz and Walt Woltosz, will have its New York premiere at the New York City Horror Film Fest on December 6 and its San Francisco premiere at Another Hole in the Head Festival on December 14.

The independent film won two awards and received five nomination, including Best Picture and Director, at the Orlando Film Festival in October. The film centers on Chelsea, an introverted teen, who falls prey to a handsome young man, Brad. Texting leads to phone calls and she agrees to meet Brad – a social media predator and button-down psychopath – at a Halloween warehouse party. There she is drugged and abducted and wakes up alone, chained, and in a fortified house with other girls whom Brad intends to kill in his virtual-reality-filmed murders.

A chilling social commentary on the perils of digital connections, the fictional film will have one screening at each festival.

DO NOT REPLY was created to send an important message about social media abductions,” said co-director Daniel Woltosz, who wrote, directed, and produced the film with his father Walt. “We hope that it will be widely seen, to caution those who are considering blindly meeting someone in person whom they met through the internet. We’re coming out of a decade of smart phones, social media apps, and dating sites that connect people. But how do you know if the person is who they say they are? We wanted to drive this narrative and pose the question, should you meet a stranger at all, especially alone?”

“Our purpose was to write and make a psychological thriller that was impactful and memorable, and to potentially save someone from making a serious mistake,” said Walt Woltosz. “While we hear of digital connection success stories, we wanted to create a film that gave a reminder that there can also be danger, and to be smart about to whom you reply and meet.”

The screening schedules are as follows:

Friday, December 6
Cinépolis Chelsea
260 West 23rd Street
New York, NY 10011
Ticket Link:
Ticket Cost: $17.00

Talent attending:
Walt Woltosz (Co-Writer/Co-Director/Producer/Executive Producer)
Daniel Woltosz (Co-Writer/Co-Director/Producer)

Chelsea – Amanda Arcuri (Degrassi: The Next Generation, Degrassi: The Next Class)
Brad – Jackson Rathbone (The Twilight Saga, The Last Airbender)
Meagan – Kerri Medders (SEAL Team, Alex & Katie)
Mia – Ivon Millan (Santiago)
Kristina – Savannah Kennick (Arrested Development)
Victoria – Kaitlyn Black (Hart of Dixie)

Saturday, December 14
New People Cinema, Japantown
San Francisco
Ticket Link:

Talent Attending:
Walt Woltosz (Co-Writer/Co-Director/Producer/Executive Producer)
Daniel Woltosz (Co-Writer/Co-Director/Producer)

Mia – Ivon Millan (Santiago)

DO NOT REPLY is a psychological social horror film about Chelsea, a lonely teenage high school girl who falls prey to a button-down psychopath who is a social media predator. She agrees to meet him at a Halloween warehouse party, where she is drugged and abducted.

Chelsea wakes up chained in an underground shelter, and after being conditioned to behave, is allowed to stay in his fortified house with three other teenage girls. Chelsea soon discovers that Brad kills the girls he abducts while wearing a virtual reality camera helmet so that he can experience it again and again.

Chelsea desperately attempts to convince the other girls to try to escape, but to have a fighting chance, she must push her morals and values beyond anything she ever imagined.

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