This week, THE PURGE brings the main characters to varying crossroads with just a few short months left until Purge night. Everyone has a big decision to make, which makes the title of episode 7, “Should I Stay or Should I Go,” absolutely perfect.

This week’s opener shows the creators of the infamous Purge masks having a meeting. As outsiders who don’t participate in Purge night, it’s difficult to watch a group of executives talk about new gimmicks they can use to sell more masks in order to profit on pain and death. Yet the way it is conveyed on THE PURGE also has a humorous tinge because the conversation is just so ridiculous and outside the realm of how decent human beings think.

THE PURGE Episode 7 shows Esme (Paola Nuñez) and Ryan (Max Martini) risk getting caught by the NFFA in order to access the computer network. To complicate matters, Ryan receives a call about a family matter that places both him and Esme at risk. 

Marcus (Derek Luke) and his wife, Michelle (Rochelle Aytes), now know all of their neighbors were in on the contract to kill Marcus. When they find out why, the couple is given the opportunity to leave or face another attack on Purge night. The sense of danger is taken up a notch when Marcus’ son, Darren (Denzel Whittaker), shows up seeking help to get away from people who want to purge him as well.

Kelen (Danika Yarosh) now knows Ben (Joel Allen) is the Campus Killer. She tries to sneak away before he finds out she’s discovered his secret, but instead, she ends up stuck in a car on the way back to school with him. Ben must find a way to make Kelen understand his urges or risk losing her forever.

This may very well be my favorite episode of THE PURGE so far, from either the first or second season. The entire season has had really great mystery and intrigue, but this episode finally brings much of that mystery to light in thrilling ways. The tension in this episode is so strong I was at the edge of my seat. Despite the fact that Purge night is still months away, it’s clear that every single one of the main characters is facing real mortal danger in one way or another.

A major theme of this episode is the extreme power of the NFFA and the lengths this crooked organization will go to in order to cover their crimes. We have seen glimpses of it all season. THE PURGE has shown behind the scenes looks at how the NFFA runs the government, to the way it covers up the murders that take place outside Purge night, to the murder the NFFA itself commits and uses their extensive resources to hide. It is clear this powerful organization knows it is wrong and will try to keep the public from discovering this information. It is also clear that the NFFA must be destroyed.

The final moments of “Should I Stay or Should I Go” fast forward quite a bit in time, getting us ever closer to Purge night. While this moment only lasts a minute or two and has no dialogue, it is sure to get you excited for the final episodes of THE PURGE. Be sure to turn in to THE PURGE Tuesday nights at 9/8c on the USA Network and for a recap of the previous episodes, click here.

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