The team of experts behind Travel Channel’s new series “Ghost Loop”
Left to right: Eric Vitale, Sean Austin, Kris Star, Chris Califf, Matt Lytle

When paranormal entities terrorize the living through endless and repetitive supernatural cycles, manifesting again and again in the same location, it is known as a “ghost loop.” Now, a team of highly specialized paranormal experts, who focus on this distinct type of haunting, are stepping in to help both the living and the dead. In Travel Channel’s new eight-episode series, GHOST LOOP, premiering on Friday, December 27 at 10pm ET/PT, the team will attempt to break cycles of trapped paranormal activity and restore peace by drawing out each spirit through re-created trigger environments.

In each hour-long episode, the GHOST LOOP team of experts – paranormal investigator and medium Sean Austin, empath Kris Star, researcher and tech advisor Chris Califf, design specialist Eric Vitale and tech support Matt Lytle – first examine and research their client’s property and history and perform a preliminary paranormal investigation. Taking their facts and findings, they formulate a plan they believe will help stop the haunting. Whether it’s building a 1990s-era train compartment, replicating a tavern from the 1850s, or constructing a 19th-century baby’s nursery, the team uses each emotionally charged setting to draw out the entities during intense follow-up investigations. Hoping to engage the spirit, the group aims to release the energy and break the loop once and for all – bringing peace to everyone involved.

During the series premiere, the team head to Houston, where homeowner Becky is terrified by sounds of someone breaking into her home night after night – only to encounter an aggressive male entity that routinely attacks her. On their preliminary investigation, the group frighteningly gets “picked off” one by one: Kris gets sick, Matt is overwhelmed by a burning sensation on his body and Califf and Sean get into a conflict fueled by the angry spirit. Through their research, they discover that in 1921, a murder occurred in the home involving a young woman and her abusive boyfriend, whom she shot in self-defense. In order to stop the dangerous activity in Becky’s home, the team builds an environment that mimics the fateful night – and use Kris to elicit the spirit.

Upcoming episodes:

“Cradle to the Grave” – Premieres Friday, January 3 at 10pm ET/PT
The team arrives in Palatka, Florida where homeowner Theresa is being terrorized by an entity that crawls across the ceiling from one of her son’s bedrooms to another. Theresa’s land has a violent and tragic past that leads the team to investigate three locations: Theresa’s home, an alleged stillborn burial ground and a bridge where lynchings were once committed.

“Frozen in Fear” – Premieres Friday, January 10 at 10pm ET/PT
In Lubbock, Texas, the team tries to help rid their client, Michelle and her young children of the ghost loop terrorizing them, but they are targeted by a malevolent spirit known as the Tall Man. Through their investigation and research of local folklore, they discover the Tall Man was once a train robber who killed his victims by throwing them off a Lubbock train trestle. By engaging the spirit in a 1900s-era train car trigger environment, the team attempts to cast him out.

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  1. C’mon mannnnnn! Do people really buy this crap? Well acted and very entertaining but, wowww! Amadeus as a smooth talking demon with a dark sense of humor? Really

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