Back for her annual Halloween special is the Queen of Screams herself, Malvolia, who has returned once again to terrify and frighten all who cross her path.

I’ve been following Jennifer Nangle‘s career since being a contributing writer for Nightmarish Conjurings and her persistence and consistency never ceases to amaze me. I always look forward to seeing a Malvolia holiday special and since Halloween is her time to shine, I was especially excited to check this out.

For this Halloween special, a mortal fangirl makes the mistake of inviting herself to Malvolia’s annual Halloween party. This is a major mistake considering the Queen of Screams has a ragtag group of ghouls just waiting for a bite of mortal flesh.

We see the return of some familiar faces like Charles, played by Charles Chudabala, Movie Executive, played by Thomas Haley, the hilarious Hunter, played by Hunter Johnson, and of course, Malvolia herself, played by the wonderful Jennifer Nangle. Malvolia always tends to seek out unsuspecting victims; however, this time was a bit different as the fangirl makes her way into the party without an invitation. Telling you more would spoil the short but believe me when I say it doesn’t end well for her.

I’m a huge advocate for the independent horror community and the team that works on the Malvolia channel embodies that independent energy and drive wholeheartedly. If you haven’t checked out a Malvolia special, or episode, well, you’re missing out!

Halloween may be over but that doesn’t mean you still can’t enjoy the spookiness that the season offers. Grab some hot cocoa, put the kids to bed, and throw Malvolia into your regular Halloween rotation!

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