Roughly seven months after the epic Avengers: End Game, The Void is releasing the next chapter in the saga, AVENGERS: DAMAGE CONTROL. Except for this time, audience members are not constrained by the limitations of a seat and a movie screen. In AVENGERS: DAMAGE CONTROL, the audience is transformed into superheroes who fight alongside the Avengers in an approximately 45 minute epic 4D virtual reality experience.

An invitation by Shuri, the princess of Wakanda, leads participants to an exclusive laboratory to test out some newly designed suits that resemble a cross between Iron Man and the Black Panther. When a cybersecurity threat compromises training, participants are forced to test out the suits in a real-life battle to save humanity. Shuri has faith in your survival despite the computer predicting a 5% survival rate. Armed with your new suit, you must fight as the fate of humanity hangs in the balance.

AVENGERS: DAMAGE CONTROL is the most technologically ambitious production from The Void to date. Like Secrets of the Empire, Ghostbusters, and Nicodemus, the experience incorporates wind, heat, and cold to provide a deeper sensory impact to participants. However, unlike other experiences that provide participants a gun to fight battles, AVENGERS: DAMAGE CONTROL uses arm and hand mapping to weaponize participants. Audience members must extend their hands outward to shoot a laser beam at intruders. Pulling both arms up activates a shield that absorbs energy to power your laser beam. Like Iron Man’s suit, there is a frame around the lens that indicates the energy level of your weapon, helps you lock on to your opponents, and provides important announcements.

Even though the technology is highly complex, The Void gives multiple chances for participants to understand the functionality of the suit and even provides a short tutorial. Some participants may find that even with a short tutorial the shooting and blocking mechanisms of the suit are still difficult to use. For instance, I found it difficult to activate the shield to absorb energy which became frustrating when my suit kept vibrating with every hit I undertook. Although, I did find that my arm laser was mostly functional and accurately locked on to opponents. Even with some technical difficulties, the experience was highly engaging, interactive, and fun. At the end of the experience, you are given a summary of your success in shooting invaders which adds a game aspect to the experience.

Fans of the Avengers franchise will also enjoy an appearance from their favorite Avenger characters. There is a strong narrative component that builds off the last film to the present day. Although I have seen all the Avenger films and a majority of the Marvel films, I found myself getting confused by the plot of AVENGERS: DAMAGE CONTROL at times. However, dedicated fans may have an easier time understanding the plot and uncovering Easter Eggs in the experience.

Whether you are a fan of the Avengers or not, there is a lot to appreciate about The Void’s AVENGERS: DAMAGE CONTROL. Specifically, the technical advancements of VR, the design of the world with multiple settings and locations, the design of the suits that you have the opportunity to choose from, the heightened sensory aspects, and game components that are appropriate for the whole family. You can visit TheVoid.com to find where AVENGERS: DAMAGE CONTROL is playing near you. Tickets are well worth the price of $39.95.

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