[News] Horror Icon Clive Barker Making Special Appearance at Shockfest Film Festival
Courtesy of Shockfest
Clive Barker, the man who lovecrafted Lovecraft with his impossible and mind-bending visions of heaven, hell and the beyond brings his own handcrafted artwork to Shockfest Film Festival and will be there in person to see it delivered to the hands of just the right owner. Will it be you?

Courtesy of Shockfest

Horror Icon Clive Barker will be making his first film festival appearance in almost a decade at Shockfest Film Festival taking place in Las Vegas at Hotel Paranormal on November 22nd – 23rd. On Saturday, the Master of Horror will meet his fans and sell and autograph his work, but his intention for this rare and special appearance is far more charitable in nature than meets the eye.  Clive Barker ’s work will be up for auction at Shockfest to help raise money for the American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.  In response to this heartfelt call to action, he has donated an original handcrafted painting (and some autographed photos) to be auctioned off at Shockfest itself throughout the weekend.

Courtesy of Shockfest

Dubiously dubbed the “Horror Art Silent Auction”, other additional pieces will include a painting created by artist Clint Carney, whose work was featured in the Shockfest nominated film, Art of the Dead, also screening during the weekend.  Other mysterious and disturbing pieces will be up for bidding too, including antique shackles from an authentic correctional facility and a gaffed mummified human head, provided by the Auction’s own sponsor, Las Vegas Oddities.

Courtesy of Shockfest

Hosting this auction of the bizarre are Paranormal Investigators Ellen MacFarlane and Devin Scott Sisk of the Napa City Ghosts and Legends Walking Tour.  These two individuals organize a variety of unique and immersive experiences throughout the year in the American Northwest, taking audiences and curious bystanders through tours and ghosts hunts of some of the rarest, never-before-seen haunted sites out there.  With a well researched historical approach to their supernatural attractions mixed with a touch of dry wit and a love of exploring the unknown, these two individuals create some of the most professional and well researched dark history lessons of the United States with their tours, investigations and paranormal encounters.

In charitable fashion, 100% of the profits of this auction will go to the ASPCA, so be sure to bring your bleeding heart alongside your craving for the Macabre when approaching the auction block of the most frightening festival of the year.

Clive Barker ’s appearance is limited, as are the pieces available for this audacious auction, so get your tickets today before they sell out for good at www.shockfilmfest.com. Use the code: ASPCA to get a 30% discount on General Admission Tickets.  The clock is ticking and Shockfest is only days away, don’t miss out on this opportunity to add some of the most disturbing art pieces, oddities and curiosities to your collection and shake hands with the man who has conceived some of the most terrifying stories ever told in human history.

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