[News] Shockfest Film Festival Invites You to See a Real Ghost
Courtesy of Shockfest Film Festival
Shockfest Film Festival at Hotel Paranormal holds many surprises, but probably the most chilling of them all is what lurks in the darkness of this haunted hotel.  The answer is the unknown, and an open invitation to all who wish to discover the secrets of life after death has been placed by both the Shockfest crew and the owners of The Crooked Path Occult Apothecary from Burbank, CA.

Practicing Occultists Salvatore Santoro and Scarlett Amaris will be conducting a spirit summoning at Hotel Paranormal Saturday night, November 23rd at the stroke of Midnight, employing a ceremonial evocation based on medieval principles. This is a serious endeavor for the most serious paranormal investigators as it’s an effort to synthesize paranormal investigation and magic in an attempt to find proof of the supernatural.

Salvatore Santoro and Scarlett Amaris l Courtesy of Shockfest Film Festival

This is a call for all paranormal investigators to take part in an opportunity to work alongside practitioners of unseen forces and to bring their own set of skills to shed light on a mystery as old as the history of man itself.  This ritual is designed intentionally to conjure up the spirits of the other side and with this fusion of ritualistic magick to call upon the dead with the video capturing techniques utilized by paranormal investigators, there is a very real possibility that something from the other side could manifest itself on video, in a photograph or audio recording.

If you wish to take part in this once in a lifetime opportunity, now is the time to grab your tickets.  Use the code, CROOKEDPATH for a %35 off ticket at www.shockfilmfest.com to Shockfest and bring your cameras, your K2 meters and a thirst for the unknown as there is no other opportunity like this one to see a ghost in real life before your very eyes.

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