[News] Shockfest Film Festival Announces Full Schedule and Lineup
Courtesy of Shockfest
Shockfest Film Festival is only a week away!  And it is finally time to announce the official 20 selections of 2019 and the 2019 schedule, to be screened in Las Vegas at Hotel Paranormal November 22nd – 24th. Check out the film selection below:


Art of the Dead
The Assent
The Butcher
Cemetery Tales: A Tale of Two Sisters
The Dawn
Don’t Croak
Lonely Gal
Non É Vero
La Mirilla (The Peephole)
Puppet Killer
Rust 3
Satanic Panic
Troll Bridge
Tunnel Vision
Secret Film Screening

Courtesy of Shockfest

This lineup is certainly an impressive and unique batch of horror movies created by what is bound to be the future icons of the genre.  But don’t be fooled by the familiar program of regularly scheduled movie screenings, Shockfest itself is unlike any other film festival.  Taking place at the mysterious and otherworldly Hotel Paranormal, this event will be jam-packed with activities and experiences every hour of the day and night throughout the entire weekend.  With so much happening, it is bound to be overwhelming, maybe even a little difficult to plan an experience that gets you the most out of your stay.  So to help you navigate these haunted halls, Shockfest Horror Factory has released an official schedule to be used as your own personal guide when tackling the last best horror event of the year.

Courtesy of Shockfest

Among the activities taking place at Shockfest Film Festival (besides literally surviving the weekend while staying at a haunted hotel) is the opportunity to win $666.  How do you win this devilish prize?  The answer is simple, you play a game at the festival.  The game is simple, collect 52 clue cards.  You collect the cards by going to screenings, meeting the vendors, experiencing the panels and trading with other guests.

Courtesy of Shockfest

To prep you up on the game, Shockfest Film Festival proudly presents a clue, which will help you discover some of the hidden rooms while at the festival, an old time radio horror broadcast.  Monster Beautiful reveals the back story to Hotel Paranormal and within this broadcast lies a hint on how to discover additional experiences and secrets that lay within the hotel.  The radio broadcast is at the following link on the Shockfest Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/shockfesthorrorfactory/videos/420709945496547/

Care to join in on the fun, earn a chance to win this hellish prize and experience a weekend of terror?  Get your tickets today at www.shockfilmfest.com and use the code: CLUE for a %30 discount at checkout.  Now is the time before the hotel manifests into another plane of existence forever.


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