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A & P Films, the directing team behind Streets of Vengeance, have just released the first images from their latest project, SLASHLORETTE PARTY! Check out the images in our gallery below and let us know what you think.

Initially, the film sprang out of the love for 80’s horror movies. The team behind the female revenge film, Streets of Vengeance, created a fake trailer about a group of girls celebrating a bachelorette party in a remote cabin, while being stalked by a sadistic killer, called SLASHLORETTE PARTY! With the trailer, they wanted to make the classic 80s horror movie in the woods that never existed! After fans of the film Streets of Vengeance started asking questions about the fake trailer that accompanied the film on DVD, the creative team decided to take a leap of faith and raise the funds for a full-length feature on Indiegogo.

The film follows an anxious young woman who is taken to a cabin to celebrate her last days of being single. The fun and games stop as she and her friends are targeted by a vicious killer on the loose.

The 80s styled lighting, direction, and costuming of the movie is brought to life by director Paul Ragsdale, cinematographer Dan Zampa, and producer/art director Angelica De Alba. The film stars Molly Souza, Andrew Brown, Brooke Morris, Nina Lanee Kent, Robert Holloway and features Pool Party Massacre director Drew Marvick and the legendary Ginger Lynn Allen in prominent supporting roles!

The film is currently in the last days of production and estimated to be completed by late spring 2020.

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