Speaking of being perfect for reviewing a certain type of movie experience, I am also a great person to send to review 4DX movies. Why, you ask? Oh, because I am one of those weirdos who rushed out to see Blair Witch in 2016 and saw it in 4DX and I am familiar with the history of interactive shows like the Terminator 3-D: Battle Across Time attraction that Universal Studios created and still has at Universal Studios Japan.

The basic idea is that seat movement and other mini-special effects can be used to enhance the moviegoers experience in a specially equipped theatre. TERMINATOR: DARK FATE is a natural, not only because of the history of this type of interactive theatre show, but also because it is a rip roaring action movie experience in and of itself.

TERMINATOR: DARK FATE is very good, a satisfying and meaningful extension of the Terminator franchise after a few less than thrilling sequels. The 4DX special effects for this particular movie are very well calibrated to strengthen the movie and reminiscent of the effects used in Battle Across Time, as it happens. 

Arnold Schwarzenegger in TERMINATOR: DARK FATE | Photo courtesy of Kerry Brown for Paramount Pictures

The effects start immediately from the opening studio logo as a subtle ripple and then proceed to get very intense. The rumble of explosions and gunfire will rock your seat and there are other smaller effects that will keep you on your toes. I really recommend taking advantage of 4DX theatres and technology. TERMINATOR: DARK FATE is virtually the perfect movie as an entrance to checking 4DX out and I believe it will win you over quickly. Just remember to use the restroom before the show. It is really a full body experience.

4DX is great for people who might be a little weary of action blockbusters or for those who have a hard time letting go and immersing themselves into the film experience. It is like immersive and interactive theatre in that way. The movement and the effects make it difficult not to succumb to the experience. It’s also really a whole lot of fun. It not only makes the loud parts more fun, it makes the quiet moments stand out. In a way, I would miss the excitement of the effects and it caused me to focus more on the characters and dialogue in the quiet moments because the absence of the surprising moments of the action sequences.

The effects are expertly matched to the action onscreen and yes, they did manage to surprise me at multiple points despite the fact that I am already familiar with the technology and some of the tricks, as it were. CJ 4DPlex, the company responsible for 4DX technology, of South Korea has many different effects available and is really doing an excellent job at making the movie-going experience that more exciting. 

My advice: go see TERMINATOR: DARK FATE and definitely go see it in 4DX. Explore the possibilities of this intense and innovative type of cinema. I guarantee you will have fun. For more on TERMINATOR: DARK FATE, read our review here. To purchase tickets and to find your nearest 4DX screen, click here

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