[News] Shockfest Film Festival Announces First Round of Award Nominees

[News] Shockfest Film Festival Announces First Round of Award Nominees
Courtesy of Shockfest
On November 8th on the Shockfest Facebook Page, a pale-faced ghoul read aloud Part 1 of the Award Nominations for Shockfest Film Festival taking place November 22nd – 24th, alongside a leggy and luscious psychiatrist, Dr. Moody.  She is a character straight out of one of the films that will screen at the festival for its world premiere, Tunnel Vision directed by Sam Salerno.  The Butcher directed by Michael Moutsatsos was also announced to screen at the MIDNIGHT MASSACRE, which will dominate Friday evening until early Saturday morning on Shockfest weekend.  This cavalcade of carnage broadcasted across the internet from Burbank, CA’s Bearded Lady’s Mystic Museum, a gallery of terror where guests may experience some of the darkest and most disturbing exhibits from taxidermies terrors to spirit summoning devices.

The second round of nominations will be announced on the Shockfest Facebook Page on November 22nd, so stay tuned to learn what other terrifying tales will be included in this prestigious and innovative lineup of potential winners.  And take part in Shockfest yourself, as the winner of the game alongside every award winner at the festival will be treated to a go-cart race and VIP services at Las Vegas’ Pole Position Raceway.


Jen and Sylvia Soska – Rabid
Pearry Teo – The Assent
Lisa Ovies – Puppet Killer
Brandon Slagle – The Dawn
Chelsea Stardust – Satanic Panic


Laura Vandevoort – Rabid
Devanny Pinn – The Dawn
Elissa Dowling – Automation
Traci Lords – Cemetery Tales: A Tale of Two Sisters
Hayley Griffith – Satanic Panic


Michael Su – Automation
David M. Brewer and Lance Rand – The Dawn
Kim Derko – Rabid
Jonathan Hall – The Assent
Mark Evans – Satanic Panic


Troll Bridge
Cemetery Tales: A Tale of Two Sisters
Non E Vero


Joel Christian Goffin – Automation
Jonathan Hartman – Cemetery Tales: A Tale of Two Sisters
Wolfmen of Mars – Satanic Panic
Stephen Gallagher – Puppet Killer
Christopher Farrell – Art of the Dead


Buried Secrets Paranormal
Puget Sound Ghost Hunters
Santa Cruz Ghost Hunters
Haunted Road Media
San Diego Paranormal Eye

(More Nominations on Facebook Live on the Shockfest Page November 22nd)

Courtesy of Shockfest

The Bearded Lady’s Mystic Museum is sponsoring an interactive terror game taking place during Shockfest Vegas at the Hotel paranormal.  This game is available to all guests to play, from the audience to filmmakers alike and the grand prize will be a handcrafted Spirit Board, created by artist and owner of The Bearded Lady’s Mystic Museum himself, Eric Wessel.  To play the game, all you have to do is attend Shockfest Vegas.  Tickets are available at www.shockfilmfest.com to use the code CONJURINGS for a %20 discount on General Admission Tickets and hunt for the clues in a real haunted hotel to win this handcrafted spirit board.



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