WEEDJIES: HALLOWEED NIGHT is a new stoner-horror flick from director Danny Draven, a prolific producer/editor, and director of Deadtime Tales, Danny Draven’s Horror Vault, and Patient Seven. The film features Brett Hargrave (All Good Things), Victoria Strange (The Deadly 10), Yo Ying (Twisted Sisters), Johnny Lee (Zoe Valentine), Denise Milfort (John Wynn’s Mirror Mirror), and James Adam Tucker (Father Militant). 

WEEDJIES: HALLOWEED NIGHT opens on a marijuana-related explanation for how a haunted Weedjie Board came to be, involving a paranoid stoner in 1978. The movie then cuts forward to the present day, where we meet our three protagonists: Madison, Dallas, and Frankie. Along with their dorky friend Clyde, they transform a rented hotel into a 420-themed party space. Their whole Halloween party is focused on marijuana. They even plan an elaborate scavenger hunt. The prize? A huge wad of kush called the “Golden Nugget.” 

Things start to go south when the scavenger hunt begins. Only a few of the guests take it seriously. Bewildered with the partiers, Clyde deadpans, “It’s like when faced with drinking and drugs, they would rather not do a puzzle game. I don’t get it.” Madison, Dallas, Frankie, and Clyde then get stuck playing a deadly game of Ouija while their guests are away. 

For a movie with two marijuana puns in the title, there isn’t actually a lot of pot consumption that goes on. There are a handful of silly songs about weed and a few references scattered in, but not a lot of smoking or vaping or eating brownies. 

As someone who lives in New York, weed culture is absolutely everywhere. I would say 75% of my friends and acquaintances smoke weed regularly or semi-regularly. To the younger generations at least, weed is just not a big deal. It’s 2019, teens and twenty-somethings are into vaping and eating CBD brownies. And there isn’t much in the way of fresh comedic material about marijuana here. 

If not for the marijuana content, the movie might be a comfortable fit as an hour-long TV movie on a teen network. The movie certainly tries hard to appeal to those who are hip and young. The girls drop Instagram caption-worthy lines like” Pretty spooky, sis” and “Spooky AF!” The script does not seem like it’s written by those who are familiar with how young folks talk. 

“I don’t want to live in that Ouija Board! I won’t even get cable!” wails Frankie. (The young people are into streaming — who do you know under age 25 who isn’t stealing their mom or ex’s Netflix?) Awkward dialogue and frigid blocking don’t help things either. 

With that said, less discerning viewers, namely those who will watch this while stoned, will probably enjoy this movie. It’s short, it’s goofy, it moves along fast enough to keep your attention even if you keep getting distracted by your weed induced anxiety. 

WEEDJIES: HALLOWEED NIGHT is made for teens and tweens who want to watch something edgy and a little scary. And especially when watched while under the influence of that smelly Devil’s Lettuce, this movie ain’t half bad.

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