THE PURGE TV show gave us some insight into what happens in the days following Purge night. This week’s episode, titled “Grief Box,” takes a bit of a jump in time. It has now been three months since Purge night and this day is a special holiday. It’s Remembrance Day, a holiday when all those who gave their lives during the annual Purge are honored and remembered. 

This episode of THE PURGE focuses on Marcus’s past. Marcus (Derek Luke) discovers the assassin sent to purge him lived just a few blocks away from his old neighborhood.  In an effort to discover more information, Marcus takes his son to a Remembrance Day celebration at his ex-wife’s house. It brings up memories from the past on one Purge night when his son was younger and he was still married to his ex-wife. 

Esme (Paola Nuñez) finally learns what her friend was studying, with the help of Marcus’s son, Darren (Denzel Whitaker). We learn that Esme’s friend was studying how the Purge actually makes people more violent, despite what the NFFA tells people. Ben (Joel Allen) meets a new friend who accepts his desire to purge while at the same time he is further distancing himself from his old friends. At the same time, Ryan (Max Martini) devises a new plan with his friends for one final Purge night score now that they know where the money from the vault is taken. 

This season of THE PURGE continues to give fans new insight into how the country is vastly different thanks to Purge night. Remembrance Day is such a bizarre holiday. Those who lost loved ones that year get a fancy wooden box with ashes inside, as well as some other little trinkets. It is toted as a celebration of their “sacrifice,” but ends up being just an excuse for people to party and get drunk. It’s actually somewhat similar to what Memorial Day has become, only it hits much closer to home since these people didn’t truly volunteer to have their lives taken and they were killed right outside your door. 

One of my favorite aspects of this episode is the juxtaposition of Esme and Ben’s storylines. On one hand, you have Esme, an NFFA employee. Before this Purge, she clearly believed in what the government told everyone about how Purge night eliminates all violence and crime for the rest of the year. Now that she sees this study her friend died over, she is discovering the organization she believed in and faithfully worked for is full of lies. Then there is Ben, who had never taken a life before this Purge night. While he had to do it in order to save his own life, that violence altered his brain. He now has a compulsion to kill he never would have had if it hadn’t been for the Purge. Now, his new murderous tendencies are spilling over into his daily life. He would have been just like all the others in the study Esme’s friend was doing.

While the varying subplots in THE PURGE are already beginning to converge at various points, it will be interesting to see how they further intertwine as the season continues. How does Ryan’s heist plan factor into everything? Who wants Marcus dead and how will that connect back to the others? Will Ben become further proof for Esme of the effects of Purge night? We’ll have to wait and see. I for one love the direction this season is taking and can’t wait to see how everything will unfold. 

You can catch all the mystery and intrigue of THE PURGE season 2 Tuesday nights at 9/8c on USA network. For more on THE PURGE, visit our recaps here

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