Episode Review: CREEPSHOW S1 E6
Dana Gould in Skincrawlers | Photo Credit: Shudder

Happy Halloween everyone! Do you know what that means??? It means it’s time to get back home from trick or treating with the kids, put them to bed, grab their candy and check out the season finale of CREEPSHOW only on Shudder.

This entire season has been a fun one. Executive producer/Showrunner Greg Nicotaro (the N in K.N.B FX) had the task of pulling off making CREEPSHOW for TV and he does it beautifully with each segment being different than the last. Based on the movie created by writer Stephen King and director George A. Romero, CREEPSHOW was their homage to E.C comics of the 1950s (Tales from The Crypt, Vault of Horror, and The Haunt of Fear). Now the show, just like the movie, is an anthology series tackling topics like Werewolf Soldiers battling Nazis, A monkeys paw, a man in a suitcase who’s really a genie, and now…the final two segments of the season. 

First up, we have Skincrawlers which stars comedian, podcaster and writer Dana Gould who plays a man who wants to lose weight. He visits a new weight-loss facility called Skin Deep by Sloan in which Dr. Sloan (Chad Michael Collins), and his crack team of doctors, have a miracle cure for weight-loss by perinatally sucking the fat out by using a rare fat sucking leech. But, during a solar eclipse…Well,…I don’t really want to give it away. I think you could put two & two together on what happens next. This is by far my favorite segment of the season. Written by Paul Dini (Tiny Toons, Batman: TAS, Lost, Ewoks, and so much more) & Stephen Langford (Family Matters, Tiny Toons, Ewoks), this segment is fun all the way through. Dana Gould played his character perfectly sad but still, you wanted to root for him by the end. The gore factor in Skincrawlers is completely and utterly nuts! Practical effects always put a smile on my face and this has tons of it as well as silly gory pratfalls that’ll make your stomach turn with laughter. 

Next up is the final segment of the season, By the Silver Water of Lake Champlain. This subtle tale is about a little girl named Rose (Sydney Wease) who finds Champ, the legendary monster of Lake Champlain. But when her abusive stepdad threatens to take all the credit, Rose realizes Champ may actually still be lurking in the lake, waiting to strike. This is surprisingly directed by legendary make-up effects artist Tom Savini based on a story by Joe Hill and teleplay by Jason Ciaramella. Tom did a fine job with this episode. You’d expect a lot of gore coming from him but this plays more like a family drama with some fantasy in it and I think it works. The performances in this segment are very well executed and I hope to see more directorial efforts from Savini in the next season of CREEPSHOW

So to wrap everything up, This season a good start to hopefully more seasons to come. I think from looking at the record-breaking streams Shudder got from this show, I think we have a great chance of seeing more stories, more scares, and especially more gore coming from Nicotaro & Company. If you haven’t already, check out the first season of CREEPSHOW, now streaming in its entirety on Shudder

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