Scareventures, located in San Diego, CA, returns once again to The Haunted Lodge with Camp Calavera and their all new maze, BONE DRY, for the 2019 haunt season. It’s very clear that the team that brings us these haunts continue to get bigger each year and they for sure didn’t disappoint with the new addition to their haunt.

While Camp Calavera follows a similar story and vibe as their previous iterations, in regards to it being on a haunted campground, it’s still a fun experience nonetheless. Guests are warned about the haunted woods and are given flashlights to use on their trek. We get an unwelcome greeting by previous camp-overs as they hide behind bends, as well as props, proving that only the brave will make it out in one piece!

We then arrive at BONE DRY in the fictional Western town of La Muerte. These set pieces really show how much Scareventures has grown as an entertainment company. Not only was this section obviously spooky and well themed, but the craftsmanship, paint and lighting made it the highlight of this haunt. Also, it’s important that I don’t forget to mention the well-costumed actors! While it’s unfortunate it was a small section of the maze, owner Kris Golojuch mentioned that the Western part will be the main attraction for next year. Something this haunt enthusiast can’t wait for!

I am always pleasantly surprised with what Scareventures has in store for the San Diego haunt-goers every year. They certainly upgrade every year with better effects, great mood lighting and sounds, as well as the cast of actors on hand. This haunt is perfect for the novice haunt fan or early teen. I can’t wait to see how Scareventures and The Haunted Lodge haunt San Diego next year. For more information visit


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