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With the end of October quickly approaching, a Brooklyn-born line of holiday ornaments called Monster Crackers are giving a fun reminder to everyone that spooky season doesn’t have to end in October. These ornaments are a perfect present for Halloween-lovers, Christmas-lovers, and everyone else in between. These monsters are not only a ghoulish twist on the classic nutcracker, but they also shine a light on the status quo of today’s society, representing underrepresented and marginalized communities with their range of characters not usually found in kid’s stories or on a Christmas tree.

Image courtesy of Monster Crackers

Monster Crackers is expanding the meaning of the holiday season with both their products and illustrated children’s books of tales about individuality and self-acceptance. These ornaments magnify the presence of strong women, independent children, queen and non-binary role models, by being anything but the traditional Christmas nutcracker, with their unique traits and personalities. Unlike your average soldier dude nutcracker, Monster Crackers emphasizes the beauty in the diversity of each “monster” to inspire both children and adults to have the courage to be yourself when you feel a little different.

Image courtesy of Monster Crackers

A great gift for the holidays as well as year-round for your loved ones, Monster Crackers are available as gift sets ranging from one mystery ornament for $25, to themed sets like “Girl Power,” and the chance to “Become a Monster Cracker” in a custom illustration. The line of 15 collectible hand-crafted, solid wood ornaments are currently available on or at their New York URBANSPACE locations in the Union Square Holiday Market and Columbus Circle Holiday Market.

Image courtesy of Monster Crackers
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