Don’t you just hate when you’re hanging out with your friends at a VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars post) when all of a sudden, a teenager runs in a panic inside the post to hide from punk mutants trying to get back drugs she’s stolen from a deranged drug dealer? Only to find it’s up to all of you to fight for your life from the mutants and save the teenager? Yeah, I hate it when that happens too!

Well, That’s basically the plot of possibly the most bat shit crazy film of the year and I loved every minute of it! Ok, so the movie starts off with a bunch of drug-infused punks chillin’ inside an abandoned movie theater and that’s where we meet the drug dealer Tank (Josh Ethier) who is the leader. When Tank kills the older sister of Lizard (Sierra McCormick), she takes all the drugs from the safe and dashes out and hides at the VFW across the street. That’s where we meet the war veterans Fred (Stephen Lang), Lou (Martin Kove), Walter (William Sadler), and Abe (Fred “The Hammer” Williamson) who wonder who this mysterious teen is. Tank realizes the drugs in the safe are gone and proceeds to unleashes the punk mutants. Now, it’s the fight for there life to defeat these bastards and save the teenager when all they wanted to do was go to a strip club at the end of the night. 

From the moment the movie begins, we’re off to the races. Director Joe Begos (Almost Human) knows how to keep the audience’s attention with a unique look for the movie, as well as the pacing, the pretty damn funny dialogue, and the blood…LOTS & LOTS OF BLOOD!!! Knowing it’s a Fangoria produced movie, you know they’ll deliver on the gore factor. No CG, all practical effects and it’s fucking gorgeous! The chemistry of all the veterans feels like they’ve known each other for years and you care about all of them. Sierra McCormick, who plays Lizard, was stellar as she was one badass woman that you definitely don’t want to fuck with if you get on her bad side. Finally, our villain, Tank, is a real bad baddie. But, even though he’ll have henchmen do his killing for him, I can probably take him down and break him like a twig. He’s a pretty damn skinny dude. But duh, he’s a damn drug leader so of course he’s gonna look skinny as hell. 

To wrap this up, this is an extremely enjoyable, balls to the wall, bloody as hell film. There’s not one thing I didn’t like about VFW, as the movie had everything I wanted and was a huge crowd-pleaser. The audience went crazy from start to finish at the Beyond Fest premiere and that’s the best way to see it when the movie comes out February 2020. 

Stephan Lang, Fred Williamson, William Sadler, Sierra McCormick, and Tom Williamson in VFW | Photo courtesy of IMDB
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