[News] PIT OF GOBLINS Show is Back This Weekend!

PIT OF GOBLINS tells the story of Wayne, an energetic and optimistic family man who is also a mentally tortured serial killer. Wayne, resembling the secret love child of Ed Kemper and BTK, must kill and feed his victims to a demanding pit of Goblins in the woods in order to avoid capture by a local sheriff. Animated, surreal videos and images eerily float behind Wayne giving a small window into the distressed mind of a man struggling to survive. As more and more townsfolk disappear, the inept sheriff begins to feel the community’s heat as he runs out of answers. With the demands of the Goblins growing, Wayne struggles to understand his situation and just where exactly he went wrong.

Blending video, live-action, and a few shocking moments along the way, PIT OF GOBLINS  promises to frighten, delight, and fill its audience with that joyful uneasy feeling just in time for Halloween. In addition to the performance, PIT OF GOBLINS  offers an amazing array of post-show events. From Serial Killer trivia and costume contests to your very own beef jerky tutorial, Bisschop will take you on a delicious horror-filled fantasy journey. Shows take place Thursday, October 17th – Saturday, October 19th at 8:00 pm, and Sunday, October 20th at 5:00 pm at The Ruby Stage at The Complex Hollywood.

Interested in going? You can purchase tickets here. Tickets are $20. For more information, please visit pitofgoblins.com.

Special Post Show Events
Directly following the Each Performance of PIT OF GOBLINS there will be special post-show events. These events are factored into the runtime.
SERIAL KILLER GAME SHOW – Thursday, October 17th
Contestants will be picked from the audience to compete in Head-to-Head game show style rounds that test their knowledge of Serial Killers. One person will be crowned the victor and will be awarded the Grand Prize.
Pub style trivia night. The audience can split into groups of 1 to 4 people and compete in a 5 questions per round, 5 round competition with the winning team being awarded the Grand Prize! No shouting out the answer, no phones. Featuring a round of SERIAL KILLER THEATRE where actors will read a scene from a movie and the audience has to figure it out.
Think you look exactly like Jeffery Dahmer or do a perfect Freddy Krueger impression? This is the competition for you! Come to the show dressed as your favorite serial killer and compete against other audience members for the Grand Prize! There will be a questions section and a dance competition so bone up on your killer’s favorite moves. A very special serial killer will be our judge and carry the final word on who wins, so make sure to butter him up. Absolutely no weapons (real or fake) will be permitted into the theatre.
BEEF JERKY TUTORIAL – Sunday, October 20th
Are you a beef jerky fan? Always wanted to know how to make beef jerky? Never felt like you had the time or the tools? Well, stick around after the show to get a look at how you can make beef jerky right in your own home oven without buying anything extra but the beef. You will leave with a step by step worksheet on what you will need to do to get started today!

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