The Giallo sub-genre is an acquired taste. While there is a large audience completely fond of it, it’s not exactly the most mainstream when it comes to general American audiences. There’s a style that makes them stand out, but also makes it clear where they should be filed. Color schemes and soundtracks that you can’t get out of your head make these movies all the more memorable. WHO SAW HER DIE? fits right in with these other movies and fans of the genre will not be disappointed. The thing with Giallo is that these fans have typically visited most of these films. 

One time Bond star George Lazenby plays Franco Serpieri, a sculptor who invites his daughter from a failed marriage to stay with him in Venice. His daughter, Roberta (Nicoletta Elmi, Deep Red) could easily be mistaken for another young girl that was murdered during the opening by an anonymous figure accessorizing (what else?) black gloves. Through some POV shots, it’s clear the killer isn’t done and Roberta is next on the list. Franco reunites with his ex-wife in their own vigilante like investigation, but ends up finding out more than they ever could perceive. 

WHO SAW HER DIE? plays as a murder mystery and it’s an intriguing one for sure. It’s easy to point fingers as motives start forming in audience’s heads. A child killer is bad enough, but Giallo fans are all too familiar with these kinds of storylines. Intersect some sex scenes utilized as transitional exercises along with some relationship drama helps make this one of the more character driven offerings. 

Arrow Video provides a crisp looking 2K restoration, especially for a little seen movie from 1972. Along with reversible cover art that sports the original Italian title, there’s a collectible booklet with an essay from critic Troy Howarth who also provides a new commentary track on the Blu-Ray. A lot of these older released often come with a critic/fan driven commentary to help apply historic context and even behind the scenes knowledge that only the most die hard of fans would know. There’s an almost hour long interview with the director who goes into great detail of some pre production tidbits before making this movie. There’s more lengthy interviews with one of the co-writers and Elmi who gives a unique look at being a child actress in some seriously adult oriented movies. You do have the option of watching this in either English or Italian, but let’s keep it real and utilize the right track.

WHO SAW HER DIE? is a must own for Giallo fans and a great introduction to the genre as it plays more mild in graphic content compared to others, like some of Dario Argento’s most famous movies. They mystery keeps it engaging even as the plot evolves into something more complicated than originally conceived. This release comes highly recommended for genre fans and will definitely find a new audience and appreciation in a physical release collection. You can find out more information on WHO SAW HER DIE? here

Anita Strindberg and George Lazenby in WHO SAW HER DIE? | Image courtesy of IMDB
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